8 Wedding Music Mistakes & How To Avoid Them

As a busy Lancaster Wedding DJ service provider, we experience the anxiousness of our brides and grooms as there dream wedding starts to take shape. Most people don’t plan major parties for a living so it’s only natural that they have a little concern.

When it comes to planning a wedding reception in Lancaster, York; or frankly anywhere, there are lots of details to take care of. Creating a perfect playlist can seem challenging and a bit overwhelming. Here are some wedding music tips to ensure your music Lancaster Wedding Reception hits all the right notes on your big day!

  1. Don’t forget the Ceremony Prelude!

    Most of the weddings we DJ in the Lancaster, York and Harrisburg area include the ceremony. Keep in mind that while your invitations may list a ceremony start time of 4 pm, your guests will begin to arrive about 30 minutes before that time.

    This is a great time to include some of the more romantic or non dance tunes. The most popular choices currently in terms of genre are: Vitamin String Quartet, Country, and of course the timeless Classics by Bach & Mozart.

  2. Choosing Parent Dance Songs that are too long!

    This is especially true if the First Dance and Parent Dances are all being scheduled after dinner service is complete. Three 5 minute slow songs in a row can have guests feeling a bit antsy. Keep in mind that if there are step parents involved this could mean as many as five songs are

    Better to select shorter songs or if your perfect Mother - Son song is four minutes or longer, ask your wedding DJ to shorten it a bit.

    Trust me, your photographer will still have ample time to get those great shots!

  3. Sitting Older Guests Closest To The DJ!

    The music level will vary during the course of your Wedding Reception. The sound will be very delicate during the prelude and wedding ceremony. It will be upbeat during the cocktail hour. It will be a full on party when the high heels get kicked off and the dance sets begin!

    Sitting your older guests and their sensitive ears is a sure fire way to get the “It’s too loud!” complaint or to see them heading to the exits for the early bus particularly, if they are not on the dance floor.

  4. Not including a variety of genres.

    A typical wedding reception has at least three and sometimes four generations of family attending. While the vibe should certainly fit the couple, it is important to keep in mind that music is often very personal and folks like what they like.

    None of your guests are attending with the intention of hand picking the playlist but, the key to keeping your guests engaged and on the dance floor is to play a variety of music.

  5. Micro managing the playlist.

    This often goes hand in hand with the topic posted above. A wedding reception or corporate event provides opportunities to play a variety of genres and tempos. We suggest that our clients pick out a handful of songs that are must plays for each portion of the event. Then pick out a few songs that you definitely don’t want to hear. From that point we have a solid idea of what you do and don’t like.

    That information coupled with our experience in rocking the wedding dance floors in the Central PA, Western MD, and Northern VA areas will ensure a legendary party for all!

  6. Cutting the cake too early!

    This one is definitely not going to go over well with some venues/caterers but I think it is true. I am not sure if there is a wedding guide to guest etiquette but there must be a rule of thumb that states that it is rude to leave before the cake cutting but not after. Cutting the cake too soon can and has ruined countless wedding receptions.

    There is a simple reason for this. The guests have sat thru an hour long prelude and ceremony. They have mingled and chatted for cocktail hour. They have sat thru a one hour dinner and toasts. Finally, they have sat thru three to five First and Parent Dance songs. So for about 3 - 3 1/2 hours the guests have been merely observers.

    It is now time to engage the guests. The way to do this is by getting them up and dancing. As stated above, every guest has his/her personal “jams”. To show your guests that your wedding DJ is going to play a variety of music including some that they’ll love takes a bit of time.

    Far too often the planner, the venue, or the caterer want that cake cut as soon as possible after dinner is served. In fact, I know of at least one venue in the area that sets the time for the cake cutting.

    Why do they want the cake cutting done so soon? Very simple. Once the cake is cut and the dishes removed, their responsibility has ended. Their job is to create a timeline, serve your guests, and provide a place for you and your guests to party.

    The quality of the dance party has no reflection on them or the review they will receive. The fewer guests present the easier and quicker it is to clean up and head home. That is not opinion, that is the experience of doing weddings week after week.

    My suggestion to you is that you remember that this is your day. You pay the bills and the vendors and venue work for you. Let the moment breath! Let your guests get up, move to the beat, and when it is time for that first dance break, cut the cake.

  7. Letting your guests have too much control over the music!

    We are always happy to accept requests from guests assuming that is what our clients want us to do. There are two ways to handle guests requests. The first way is to accept any organic requests that come to the DJ during the course of the wedding reception or corporate party.

    The second way and the one we’d never suggest, is to announce over the microphone that the DJ is accepting requests. For most guests this would make no difference however for some guests they view it as an invitation to assume the DJ role or that the DJ has become a personal Juke Box.

  8. Not allowing enough time for dancing.

    When planning your wedding reception keep in mind the estimated time for each portion of the celebration. Add 15 minutes or so for inevitable delays or late starts. A good rule of thumb is to offer your guests at least 90 minutes of dancing.

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