Perfect Wedding Favors For Harrisburg & Lancaster Brides!

How many times have you left a wedding and saw the tables littered with wedding favors? What a waste of money! Too often brides and grooms feel pressure to provide wedding favors due to tradition.

Here is a secret. They really aren’t tradition.

If you are not sure if you want wedding favors, skip them. They can make planning more time consuming and complicated. If you’ve decided that you want to leave a thoughtful gift for your guests, here are a few ideas that your guests will care about and keep.

We DJ weddings and corporate events all over Harrisburg, Lancaster, and Central PA nearly every week. We perform at backyard tent weddings, swanky venue’s, hotel ballrooms, and as well as private clubs. During that time we have seen many clever ideas.

Simply looking at the tables before and after the wedding reception gives us a very good idea of what guest value.

Many of the best favors we have seen were useful. Favors that are edible, reusable, or fun to have at the party are extremely popular. We kept that in mind as we created this list.

Things that are tasty and pocket sized.  Sweets, functional, fun, and definitely; local items should be among on your list of possibilities. Remember, some of your guests may be from out of state or even from across the country.

Think about things that will give your guests a taste of the venue location, or something that you personally enjoy. You can also never go wrong with giving your guests that speaks to who you are or something they can use during the wedding weekend such as sunscreen or a hand fan!

As you select your wedding favors, think about your guest list.

You will want small gifts or tokens of appreciation that won’t break the bank, depending how large your wedding is. You will also want to be sure to select items are appropriate for the most of your guests. Which means, if you’re inviting everyone from your eighteen-year-old cousin Brandy to your great-uncle Bob, you will want to remember that when you are making your final selection of favors. 


1.      Edible Wedding Favors

2.      Reusable Wedding Favors

3.      Party Time Wedding Favors


Edible favors are among my personal favorites because they check many of the boxes of what a great wedding favor should be:

  • Functional

  • Local

  • Inexpensive

  • Personal

  • Unique

  • Suitable for all ages

This article published on The Knot is a terrific resource! There are many ideas and I am sure that you can think of dozens more! The S’mores idea is great especially if you are planning for a fire pit at your wedding. I know that Strocks Farm, The Goldfish Barn, and various other local venues offer that opportunity.

Idea #4 which speaks about local products provides a wealth of possibilities. Pennsylvania is the largest producer of pretzels in the United States, most of that production taking place in Hanover PA. The state also produces tons of apples and apple related products.

When considering Pennsylvania related products and especially Central PA food products you can never forget about the ionic and world famous, Hershey’s Chocolate Company founded in Hershey PA! The number of personalized products available are seemingly endless.

Hershey's Favor.gif

One last local food product idea that may not be as obvious: Tastykake! These local items are great for making individual favors or even a large basket on the table for everyone to share. Use the money allocated for a large wedding cake to add something your guests will enjoy even more. A Photo Booth perhaps!


When it comes to finding ideas for practical wedding favors who better to go to than to Martha Stewart?This post is filled with great ideas. Planning an early or late season wedding at Moonstone Manor? Maybe the throw blanket to take off the evening chill is in order. Maybe your plans are for an August wedding at Linwood Estate? The sunglasses and the parasol are great ideas!

Acrylic Photo Strip Frame.jpg

If a Photo Booth is planned, the strips are the wedding favor! Simply place an acrylic, magnetic photo strip holder at every place setting and you are done!

Memories of the fun they had celebrating with you will adorn refrigerators and office cubicles for years to come!


If you are like most couples, one of your biggest concerns is that your guests enjoy the party that is the wedding reception and that no one takes the early bus. The first secret to preventing that is to hire and awesome DJ! Like us! The next is to do what you can to make it fun for your guests. One way that you can do that is by proving fun wedding favors. In this was you will be providing favors that will help make the night more interactive and provide some great photographic opportunities as well. Talk about a win-win!

Flip Flops – When it is time to hit the dance floor give your gals and alternative to kicking off their shoes.

Glow Sticks – These will instantly take your party to the next level! These are a ton of fun and when broken out at the proper time, totally appropriate for any wedding reception. An extra bonus is having a glow stick send off. Glow necklaces are also great for this.

Glow Stick Exit.jpg

Sparklers – Sparklers exits are always fun. Rather than treating them as an after thought like most couples do, have an inexpensive but colorful paper holder created that holds a pair of sparklers. A short message to your guests can be printed on the bag to make it more personal.

 Thank you for reading our post. I hope that you have found it informative. If you have, please share it on social media so that other couple may benefit as well.