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9 Ways A Photo Booth Can Make It Happen!

As you plan your perfect wedding day in Harrisburg PA, Frederick MD, or all points between; there a few must haves:  a photographer, a DJ, a venue, a caterer, and invitations. This handful of items makes up the essentials while items like floral decorations, wedding favors, and possibly a wedding planner to pull it all together often make that list as well.

There is however another item that has been massively popular and should be given strong consideration when ranking your “gotta have it list”. That item is the photo booth!

The versatility and design of photo booths has gone way beyond what many of us imagine. Not too many years ago a photo booth was a huge, clunky black box that included a curtain. These types of booths are still around but are old fashioned, unattractive, and out dated.

Today’s photo booths are totally different and designed to fit into the décor, not detract from it. It doesn’t matter what type of wedding you are having. A photo booth can seamlessly complement a black tie wedding reception in Carlisle PA or a rustic barn venue in Frederick MD.

Here are all the ways a photo booth will add fun and pizzazz to your wedding, and why it should be at the top of your wedding reception or corporate party wish list!

1. People Can Relax and Be Spontaneous

Sure you have taken care to hire a great photographer to capture the moments but not all people are naturals in front of the camera. No matter how skillful the photographer is, some people find it difficult to relax and be themselves especially, when their photo is being taken by someone they don’t know.

A photo booth changes that entire dynamic. A photo booth allows a bonding moment where they can have fun and be themselves with friends and family. Since they don’t feel supervised as much, people can be more relaxed for the photo. The photo booth setting and cool props encourage everyone to go wild. You can see the sheer joy on their faces as they return to the booth again and again!

2. Perfect Wedding Favors for Your Guests

Photo Booth Chambersburg

The fact that each guest can take their picture with them means no other favors are needed. You get to customize the background of the photos to include your wedding colors, theme and date so that every time your guests look at them, they’ll remember how fun your wedding was!

Add on acrylic magnet photo strip holders and you have a party favor that your guests will be sure to take home!

3. A Wedding Photo Booth Is the Ultimate Guestbook

Say goodbye to the old fashioned and somewhat tedious moment of having your guests sign the guestbook! If you opt for hiring a photo booth for your wedding, you will receive a collection of all the pictures they take.

Each time a guest takes a photo, they will keep a copy for themselves and add one to your guestbook. Guests are also encouraged to write a message to you.  What could be better than keeping a guestbook with all the fun, crazy, tender and goofy moments they immortalized?

4. Photo Booths are Super Fun

No matter the age, what music they like or from what background they hail, everyone likes photo booths. How could they not, with all the props and the dazzling things to play with, as well as the chance of goofing around with your friends?

Photo Booth Chambersburg

5. The Perfect Ice-Breaker

One of the biggest headaches of any wedding is the table planner. Since you and your partner know people from various backgrounds, awkward matches are bound to occur. You will either seat complete strangers together, or people who would rather sit somewhere else precisely because they know each other.

Starting the conversation can be hard and the only way people can socialize with others is usually the dance floor. This, unfortunately, has its limits too: not everyone wants to dance.  People get tired and so on. But with a photo booth you won’t have to worry about ice-breakers. Everyone will be drawn to it like a magnet, so the line for the photo booth will become all the rage. In a good way!

Photo Booth Carlisle PA

6. Creating Memories

One of our favorite parts of the owning the photo booth is thru the photo’s taken especially, when the photo booth is booked for a wedding reception or a family reunion. We are fond of these because we get to see the images of grand parents enjoying moments with their grand children. To see the joy in their faces as they capture these experiences is really heart warming. We know that the images and that memory which may never happen again, is priceless.

Photo Booth Chambersburg PA

7. Letting Loose

Weddings are very structured events, with everything on a timeline. Allowing guests a chance to relax makes the event that much more enjoyable and a photo booth does exactly that! They can use silly props to make the photos that much more interesting, and make incredible memories with friends new and old! They’ll get a chance to let loose after all the formalities are done and really have a great time at your wedding.

8. Vintage Charm

Photo booths have been around one way or another since the time of our grandparents. Therefore, everyone remembers them fondly, if they’re older, or simply feels their classic charm, if they’re younger.

Nothing beats holding an actual photo in your hand, especially if you just took it moments ago. The popularity of this contemporary version of the Polaroid cameras is another effect of this rediscovered joy.

9. Value

This may be one of the very best things about it!  For the value you get, it’s more affordable than your cocktail bar (if you’ll have one) and provides far more enjoyment for your guests than fancy floral decor. A few days after your party of a lifetime, the memories of your décor will fade. The memories captured by the photo booth will live on refrigerators and office cubicles for many years to come!

You don’t need to break the bank to add it to your big moment. You just need to have fun.

These are, in a nutshell, the main ways a photo booth contributes to making your wedding special. It’s fun, it makes people shine, and it helps them enjoy beautiful moments that you get to share in. This is exactly what counts as a successful wedding.

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