Want To Make Your Wedding Uniquely You? Go Rustic!

Over the years that we have been in the Wedding DJ business, we’ve seen a lot of trends come and go. We get to visit many different venue types over the course of a year. Hotels, Ballrooms, and Mansions certainly, but thankfully we also get to visit more country/rustic settings thanks to the many Farms, Barns, and State Park venues in the Frederick & Lancaster area. These not only present an opportunity to sometimes save on the overall cost of the wedding, they also allow a bit more freedom in terms of personalizing.

As a DJ | Photo Booth | Lighting company, we seldom step out of our wedding lane and into that of wedding décor, but we thought the popularity of the look is worth delving into.

Why? Rustic weddings seem to make people more relaxed. It seems that as the formality is dialed down a notch or two guests seem more willing to loosen their tie, kick off their shows and interact with each other on and off the dance floor.  

For couples on a budget, Rustic Weddings are the perfect décor choice! The Rustic option allows couples to create something gorgeous without spending a fortune. There are several benefits to choosing this route for your wedding décor:

1.    It is very easy to make the wedding more personal and unique.

2.    For those who like to “go green”, this option invites recycling or repurposing.

3.    For the non - traditional bride eclectic is nearly synonymous with rustic.

4.    It can be really simple and create an easy way to include friends and family who want to help you prepare for your dream wedding.

5.    You can save money for things that will add fun like a Photo Booth or Yard Games.

 Check out these rustic décor ideas!

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From table settings to party favors, mason jars are a central part in many rustic weddings. There are plenty of ways to incorporate them into your wedding, but this list will point you in the right direction.

Burlap is another inexpensive and flexible material that, when well-used, will add texture and beauty to your wedding.

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Cake, gifts, party favors, guest book’s: weddings require plenty of surfaces to run smoothly. Rustic planks of salvaged wood can make evocative tables. Wine barrels are another great choice for unique surfaces with a rustic vibe; they’ll add a hint of sophistication in addition to being useful.

Little touches can make the biggest difference

Start small, and you may be surprised how simple accents can bring your wedding to life.

There are so many options for romantic lighting that really set the mood and give your wedding a rustic feel. Create the perfect ambiance with old fashioned Edison bulbs or a sweet DIY chandelier.

Even if you don’t hire a bartender, you can still serve your drinks in ways that are stylish and perfectly suited to a rustic wedding. Here are some unique container ideas to get you started.

You set the tone for your big day as soon as your invitations go out. If you think you might create your own invitations, find inspiration with these great ideas. If you’d rather leave it to the professionals but still want the hand-made look, check out some of the amazing artists on Etsy.

Looking for the perfect signs? DIY chalkboard designs and old shipping pallet’s, are just a few options that will complement your rustic theme.

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