4 Tips to Beat the Heat at Your Summer Wedding

Are you planning a summer wedding in Central PA, Western MD or Northern VA? If so, you know how beautiful it can look in your wedding photos with the baby blue sky and sun beaming down as you say your vows. What could be more gorgeous than that? 

However, while summer is a gorgeous season, we also know that in this area warm temperatures also mean high humidity. This combination of heat and humidity could cause your wedding guests some discomfort if you are not prepared. 

We believe that every guest attending your big day should be comfortable! That’s why we have made a handy list of some ways in which you could cool off your guests at your summer wedding. 

Keep Them Hydrated

When sitting in direct sunlight while dressed to the nines in 80 degree heat with high dew points, it doesn’t take long to become parched! Having plenty of water on hand from the moment your guests arrive is critical for their enjoyment during the ceremony. 

Brides and grooms often think the ceremony is just a short half hour event. While it is true that the ceremony itself is often no more than thirty minutes, guests will arrive thirty minutes or more before the ceremony. As anyone who has traveled in this area knows, traffic can be very unpredictable even on weekends. 

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Shield Them from the Sun

It certainly wouldn’t be ideal if the sun was beaming down on your guests as they are trying to enjoy your wedding ceremony. Sun in your eyes, getting hot…that’s certainly quite uncomfortable! Therefore, you will want to shield them from it. You can do so by presenting your guests with parasols. In addition, know that they would pose as the perfect wedding favors!

If you decide against parasols discuss with your venue prior to contracting, the access to covered areas at minimum and air conditioned areas preferred for your guests prior to the ceremony. This is especially true for your older guests.

Provide Them with a Chilly Treat

When you think of summer, what dessert comes to mind? Ice cream! Consider offering an ice cream buffet or snow cones for your big day! By doing so, you can cool your wedding guests off in a delicious way. A handful of flavors and a broad assortment of toppings can ensure that all of your guests will be pleased! Don’t forget the napkins!

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Re-purpose your Wedding Program

If you are creating program of the days scheduled events and timeline simply attach a wooden “handle” and turn that program into a hand fan. I can guarantee that these will be well used during the event and not left scattered on the grounds.

Keeping your guests cool not only ensures their enjoyment, it ensures that they will not take the early bus home! Formal attire is not always the most comfortable; it becomes even less comfortable if they have become overheated during the day and have been in those clothes for five or six hours.

Making sure that your guests are happy, comfortable, and hydrated are keys to keeping your guests partying until the end of the night. 

Looking for more tips when for planning an outdoor wedding? Check out this video!

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