9 Things Brides Wish They Hadn’t Spent Money On!

As an active DJ Service we get to attend more weddings in the Lancaster | York | Harrisburg area than the two guys in the movie “Wedding Crashers”! Estates, barns, hotels, parks, and back yards are just of few of the venue styles we see. We always like to take in as much of the setting as we can and we often marvel at the details we see.

After the party is over and we are there with the venue staffs packing up our gear we get to see the aftermath. As we see tables with wedding favors left behind, desserts, and centerpieces unclaimed, we wonder if the couples would make the same choices.

To satisfy my curiosity I took to the internet to see what information I could find out. Sure enough there is information out there regarding purchases couples would not have made had they known what they know now.

Here are the most common regrets:


Save on Lancaster Wedding Ceremony Décor

“We had a huge 250 person wedding, decked out to the nines in all regards. The one thing I thought was a waste… the aisle runner! Fricking $1,500 and I didn’t even notice it walking down. It doesn’t even really stand out in the pictures. Definitely an item I recommend to scrimp & save on!”

Save on Lancaster Wedding Programs/Guest books

“Our guestbook is now in the landfill.”

“I wish we would have skipped our guestbook. My husband drew this awesome photo of a tandem bicycle with strings attached to it. We had an ink pad for people to stamp their fingerprints as balloons, and my cousin decided it would be funny to stamp his fingers to make it look like the bike was running over the balloons. We only had about 10 people put their mark in it.

“Total waste and would not do again!”

“I spent all this time creating these super cute Madlibs that doubled as our guestbook. We had 120 guests and maybe…20 completed?

Save on Lancaster Wedding Floral Centerpieces

“My cousin had these gorgeous, involved centerpieces made by the florist but at the end of the night, we basically had to throw them out. She handed a few to guests but a lot of us were traveling and couldn’t take them home.”

Save on your Lancaster Wedding Bar bill

Ever looked at a restaurant menu and noticed that the lunch meal is $8.99 and the drink is $2.99? Apparently the same thing can happen at your wedding.

Dumping Drinks to Inflate the Bar Bill

“I seem to remember a lot of unfinished drinks on tables as guests were dancing. They would return to their table and discover that the caterers had cleared them before the guest could retrieve them!”

Apparently this is common with pay-per-drink bars (either customer-pay bar or the couple pre-paid for X drinks bar).

Toasting with Bubbly

“A champagne toast wasn’t worth it to me. I knew half of our guests wouldn’t drink it. I wish that I had chosen to have my guests toast with wine.”

Decaf coffee

Older women insisted we’d have lots of older guests wanting decaf, since our wedding was in the evening. It was barely touched!”

Wedding Favors


“I wouldn’t have gotten the favors. I had heard a couple times that edible was the way to go if you want people to take them, so we got a bunch of British candies (husband is British, I’m American and the wedding was in the US). About 70 percent of them were left at the tables, and I’m positive no one would have been offended if they weren’t there.”

This comment is from a guest: “I just threw out a bunch of shot glasses, wine glasses, wine bottle stoppers, and mini photo frames. You collect them from every wedding and then never use them because someone else’s name is on it.”

This person worked for an event company: “I worked for an event company while in University and I can’t tell you how many times most of the favors were not picked up. Very frequently there were more leftover than were taken. Event staffs were often offered to take one in these situations and I got some pretty sweet stuff!

Like the one bride that made little Vera Wang gift bags. No lie – people didn’t want to take them! I got home and I had a little body wash, perfume, and lotion set. The male version of the bag was pretty sweet but I can’t remember what was in it.

Thinking back, the most popular favors were the candy bars. People seem to love those.”


Save money on your Lancaster Wedding After-Party

“After-parties are practically standard, and we followed suit at our wedding five years ago. But if I were planning it all over again, I would probably skip it.

Not because it wasn’t amazing and fun—it was! We had a ’90s cover band and it was just a hilarious, drunk bacchanal. But, frankly, we were having a total blast at the reception dancing like maniacs and the DJ was crushing it.

When we transitioned from the reception to the after-party, we lost a bit of that party momentum, and a few guests decided to call it a night (to be fair, it was 11:00 p.m.). I think we should have just kept the reception going.”

Save on lodging for your Lancaster Wedding Party

“I got married in a small town and became obsessed with all my closest friends and family staying under one roof at the hippest hotel in town. We ended up spending a significant amount of money on a buyout fee that didn’t even include everyone’s room rates. At the end of the day, I loved the hotel but let’s face it, we barely spent any time there. Everything would have been just as perfect with guests scattered around town.”

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