Secrets To Pack Your Maryland Wedding Dance Floor

Of all of the things that you want to experience during your Maryland Wedding Reception, seeing your wedding guests kicking it on the dance floor is probably at, or near, the top of that list. After all of the formalities are done you want the mood to change to a full out party!

How do you do it? How do you get guests off of their seats onto the dance floor? Well, a great wedding DJ, or Disc Jockey, is one of the ways for sure. For tips on selecting the best DJ for your wedding or corporate party needs check out this article. 

Here are a few tips to get the result that you want you are looking for. 

Mix it up! 

The majority of weddings will include guests of all ages. From your college roommate to your parents and grandparents, there may be six decades or more between the youngest and oldest guests at your party. A lot has changed in music during that time and most people have an affinity for the music that they have listened to over the years. 

While you definitely want to make sure that you get a sizeable dose of the music that makes you move, be sure to consider your other guests. This is especially true at the beginning of the dance portion of the reception. For the guests that have been with you for the ceremony that often means close to four hours of listening to music at a low volume as they watch the day’s events unfold. By the time the dance portion of the event starts they are READY!

If you don’t let them know early that your DJ is going to play a variety of music you can very easily be left with only those people who the handful of genres that have played. The rest will have politely said their goodbyes and taken the early bus. 

Be very selective in creating your Do Not Play List. 

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We always advise clients to create a list of songs they really, really don’t want to hear at their wedding (no matter what the reason behind this may be). This is your day and your moment. Some songs like make you want to rip the knob off they radio or remind you of a moment you’d rather not re-live. Most of us do and you should definitely include those songs on your Do Not Play List. 

However, creating a list of songs not to play that’s too long tends to limit the range of options for the guests – and this might make them unhappy, especially if they really like a lot of the songs you don’t. Be temperate with this and only add to this list the songs you absolutely cannot stand.

Find the right wedding DJ. 

We cannot emphasize this enough: hiring the perfect Maryland wedding DJ is very important for the success of your wedding entertainment (and your wedding as a whole, after all). Hire someone who GETS you, someone who knows how to work with wedding crowds, and someone who can guarantee absolute professionalism during your Big Day. It will be worth the search!

If you are planning a wedding or corporate event in our service area we would love the opportunity to learn more about your plans. Our DJs routinely travel to all areas within a 90 minute drive from Chambersburg, PA.

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