Hiring a Washington DC DJ? Here’s How to Select the Best!

If you are planning a wedding or corporate party in the Washington DC or Northern VA area odds are good that you’ll be seeking a DJ Service to provide entertainment for your guests. Odds are also pretty good that you have never had to hire a DJ Service before.

I know how intimidating it can be to try to hire a service that you have never needed before. You feel a bit unqualified because you often have no idea of exactly what they do and the differences between them. What is a fair price to pay for their service and how do you know if you are getting value for your money? What is standard and what is extra? How do I know if they are any good?

Before sharing my thoughts I want to be clear that no matter how you have gotten to this blog post, we are Perfect Harmony Entertainment. We are a DJ Service that provides 5 star experiences to clients not only in Washington DC | Leesburg VA | Frederick MD but also to Harrisburg | York | Lancaster in Central PA.

As a DJ Service provider I can offer deeper insight but I am not trying to persuade you to book with us. Obviously I hope that you will consider us for your event but I want you to have a great Wedding or Party. That is the purpose of this and all of my blog posts.

What does a Washington DC DJ Service do?

The first thing that comes to mind is the most obvious. They will provide the musical entertainment for your Washington DC wedding or corporate party. That is the entry point.

The bigger part of that is what else do they do?


Will they serve as the Master of Ceremonies? The Master of Ceremonies is more than making an announcement of where the restrooms are located. It means taking control of the event— being the director of the event and maintaining the event timeline.

Are they comfortable being the Master of Ceremonies? There are a ton of DJs out there who simply want to hide in a corner behind their DJ booth and play songs all night. There are others who want to stay behind their booth and speak on the microphone to call attention to them.

How do you determine if your DJ is a true Master of Ceremonies and not just a poser? Ask them this question: When you perform at a wedding do you come alone or do you have an assistant? Where will you be standing when you announce the Grand Entrance? If the answer is anything but on the dance floor then you can be fairly certain that they will be behind their booth.

Is that a deal breaker, maybe, maybe not? It may however be a signal that they are not really comfortable with public speaking so they are, in my opinion; worth less than a DJ who is an MC.

For the record, every DJ on our team is a Master of Ceremonies. None of our DJs are the look at me type seeking to be the center of attention. Our philosophy is this; no one came to your wedding to see us. Our purpose is to entertain your guests and not to feed our ego. Save it for the nightclub!

How difficult is it for a District of Columbia DJ to play music?

Honestly speaking it isn’t difficult at all. Playing music is a piece of cake. The secret is in the sauce or in this case playing the right songs at the right moments to illicit the crowd response that you want. That is where the skill comes in and why you are hiring a DJ Service.


I think everyone has been to a concert at least once. Have you ever seen a band take the stage and launch immediately into a ballad? Of course not! Prince never took the stage to “Purple Rain”! A great DJ knows how to craft a playlist and is able to freestyle to match what is happening and not what they thought would happen.

What else does a Washington DC DJ Service do?

This is a question you should definitely ask the DJ Service you are considering. For many DJs playing music may be the only thing that they do. Others will be of more service to you than simply playing the song list you have helped to curate or much worse, playing the exact same songs they have played at every wedding or party for the last five years!

We offer state of the art planning tools to help you easily create the wedding or party of your dreams. We don’t feel you should settle for someone else’s wedding. Our proprietary system allows you to create your timeline and playlist at your leisure. Our clients love the stress free process.

Every single person you hire to help you with the Big Day is important. From the cake designer to the wedding planner and from the person who will alter your dress to the person who will do your makeup, all of your wedding vendors should be carefully chosen to suit your style, personality and, ultimately, your budget too.

How do I know if this DC DJ Service is any good?


Look for social proof. Do they have reviews on the two major wedding platforms: “The Knot” and “Wedding Wire”? If they don’t, that could be a red flag. These are nationwide sites with a quality reputation! If they are serious about their craft why are they not on there?

Look beyond those two sites. Check out Google Maps. Are they listed there and are there reviews? As you read the reviews look at the dates. How long ago were they posted? If they are a few years old that could be an indicator that they don’t work that often. There are literally tens of thousands of wedding is the DC market.

Should you not hire someone based on a lack of reviews? In my opinion that depends. If your priority is trying to find the least expensive, those DJs Services with nothing to validate their worth will often be a cheaper options.

I look at things differently whenever I make a purchase or hire a service especially if it is something that is important to me or my family. When my wife and I go out for dinner we will try different places that we have not experienced before. Sometimes we are pleasantly surprised and I am happy because I left feeling I got more than my money’s worth.

However, when my wife and I go out on our Anniversary for dinner I am not looking for a “deal”. All I want is my money’s worth and a great dining experience! If I get those two things it was worth every penny! You can be sure that if I am trying a new place that night, I am looking for establishments that have a lot of social proof confirming they are good.

What is a fair price to pay for a Washington DC DJ Service?

The short answer to that is “It depends.” To be more specific you should budget $1,400 at a minimum and add more to that depending on your desire for lighting, special effects, or a photo booth. Keep in mind a couple of things:

No other person or thing will have a greater impact on your guests experience than the DJ.

No other person will have more contact with your guests than your DJ who will engage your guests from the moment they arrive until the last dance.

I can assure you that the cost difference between a great DJ Service and a mediocre one is not the nearly as vast as the quality difference.

I hope that you have enjoyed this article. If you have please share so that others may benefit as well. Our blog is dedicated to providing useful information and tips for anyone planning or thinking about planning an event.

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