Tips from a Lancaster Wedding DJ to Choose your First Dance Song

As a busy provider of DJ Services in the Lancaster, York, and Harrisburg area, we are frequently asked for suggestions when couples are compiling their wedding ceremony or wedding reception playlist. This is natural since most couples have not planned a wedding before. As the saying goes, “If you do it right the first time, once is enough!”

In my opinion there are two songs played the entire day that are equally more important than all of the other songs that your guests will hear that day. The two most iconic songs for your wedding day are:  the Processional song (played as the bride walks down the aisle) and the first dance song. 

Why are these two most important songs your DJ will play at your Lancaster Wedding?

There are a several reasons the most significant of which is that these will be two instances where one hundred percent of the guest’s attention will be on you and not distracted by anything else. Since these two events are the most highly anticipated of the entire celebration, their focus will be laser-like as they immerse themselves in the moment. 

All of this attention can be a bit intimidating but it doesn’t have to be.

Here are a few tips to help you choose the perfect song for your first dance and leave your guests dreaming or reminiscing about their firs t dance:

  • The Right Beat. 

    The beat can be everything when it comes to your first dance! Not only do you need the right beat to get into the mood for your dance, but it also needs to fit the occasion and be easy to glide across the dance floor to. This is your first dance as newlyweds, and depending on the mood you are trying to set, your beat should help you communicate this special emotion. If you are seeking a slow, yet romantic song, consider a tune such as At Last by Etta James. Or, for a more upbeat song, Is This Love by Bob Marley would be an ideal choice.

  • Meaningful Lyrics. 

    Songs are a way to communicate our feelings and express our emotions. After all, the lyrics tell a story. Discovering songs with lyrics that speak to the relationship that you share with your partner will help you make this moment much more meaningful. There are so many songs that you could choose. 

Bob Dylan wrote a song that Billy Joel, a prolific song writer; called the “best love song he had ever heard”. That song had not been released and Dylan’s album would not be out for another year. Billy asked if he could record and release it and he did. That song later became hits for both Garth Brooks and Adele. 

When one of the greatest song writers ever declares a song the best love song he has ever heard, I tend to listen. “To Make You Feel My Love” is in a class of its own and Garth gets the nod if I am picking the version. 

“When the evening shadows and the stars appear

And there is no one there to dry your tears

I could hold you for a million years

To make you feel my love”

  • Agreement. 

    The point of your newlywed dance is to celebrate you and your partner joining together! The song you choose should tell your story and deliver your message. Your relationship is like music. It is a living, breathing thing and it has a beat and a vibe of its own. 

You may already have “your song”. If so and you feel comfortable dancing to it, share it with your guests. If you don’t have a song or at least one that you want to dance to, take some time to listen to those on the readily available “Top 50 First Dance Songs” or other such lists that is merely a Google search away. 

If you choose us to provide your Lancaster DJ Service and I hope you will, we are not only happy to assist with any of your music planning, we have a very cool smart phone app that puts both a DJ and a Wedding Planner in your pocket.

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