Planning a Frederick Wedding? Avoid these First Dance Song Mistakes!

You have been thinking about your Frederick MD wedding for a long time. You have likely imagined nearly every moment. From the exchange of vows to the Grand Entrance you have a vivid image of how each of these moments will appear both to you and your friends and family.

We know you want all of your wedding moments to be perfect and that is especially true of your First Dance. For it to be magical, you should be take your time and give some thought when choosing your song for this never to be forgotten moment. What are the top First Dance song mistakes Frederick brides and grooms make? Here they are along with a few tips to help you avoid these issues.

Choosing songs based on what is popular today.

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Just because you like a song now, it doesn’t necessarily mean you will like it 5, 10, or 50 years from now on too. Don’t settle on Top 40 songs just because everyone knows them at the moment – you want your First Dance to be truly timeless! You likely will wish you hadn’t chosen a one hit wonder.

They choose songs without reading the lyrics.

The lyrics are very important when it comes to a First Dance! Imagine what a disaster it would be to play a song that speaks about break ups, paternal love, or anything but love during your First Dance! Listen carefully, read the lyrics, and make sure you get the actual meaning of the song, beyond what it may appear to be at first!

They choose songs they cannot dance to.

Most couples opt for the simple box step and a few other dance “tricks” when creating their wedding dance choreography – and if you are like the vast majority, you will want to keep it simple too. Be sure the song you choose fits a simple type of dance, so that you create a harmonious moment!

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