Why you Should Embrace Group Dances for your Northern VA / Frederick Wedding

The mere mention of including “Line Dances” or “Group Dances” as a part of their Northern VA | Frederick Wedding DJ’s set list can make some folks cringe! Many of these people have had the misfortune of seeing these songs handled poorly in the past, and what should have been a fantastic party, ended up being that dreaded word: “Cheesy”!

These types of dance songs have gotten a bad rap and in my opinion, undeservedly so. It is not the fault of the song that there are so many amateur DJs who have misused these tools. Because for a DJ, that is exactly what songs are: tools that will elicit emotion and feeling when used correctly. 

How can a DJ possibly use a song incorrectly at my wedding reception?

We all know that a group participation song is inherently different from any other type of song. The sole purpose of the song is to encourage the audience to dance. The lyrics often provide verbal cues or even instructions on how to perform the dance. 
I liken these songs to spices. Spices are meant to enhance the meal; they are not meant to replace or overwhelm the flavor of the main course. Like the person who simply cannot get enough Old Bay in their crab cake, some DJ’s play too many line dance songs and too often.

Why would I want the DJ to play a line dance song or two at my Northern VA wedding?

There are a multitude of reasons to give your wedding | party DJ permission to use these tools (songs) in their tool box (set list).

Two of these reasons go hand in hand. Those reasons are:

  1. Everyone knows them!

  2. They are popular!

We will skip over the first part of everyone knowing them and get to the popularity point. The reason this matters is because these are often the only upbeat songs that some guests will dance to. Perhaps they are self conscious about dancing. Maybe they don’t have a partner or don’t have a partner who will dance. This gives these guests a chance to get out on the floor and have fun

You may think they are cheesy but, have you ever seen a photo of a bunch of people frowning as they did the Cha Cha Slide? 

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Another reason to include a line dance song or two is that these are excellent ice breakers. Let’s be honest, there is a group of people who are more comfortable dancing if they have had a few drinks or if there are lots of people on the dance floor who will divert attention from them. These types of songs are great for that and can then be used to transition the floor to an upbeat dance set. 

They are multi generational. Because they are so well known these are great to flood the floor with guests of all ages. Usher’s “Yeah” is a terrific R & B tune, but not nearly as many 70 year olds will get down to that as they will the “Cupid Shuffle”!

How many line dance songs should I play at my wedding reception?

There is no hard and fast rule. If forced to answer I would say as many as it takes but no more than you need to. 

What you are looking for is the result. You want a great dance party and you don’t want it to become cheesy. It becomes cheesy when they are played in quick succession. It becomes cheesy when the Wedding DJ uses the “fake DJ voice” or becomes the “Let’s Get Ready to Rumble” guy on the microphone. 

I would say that the number one factor is to select the right DJ for your Washington DC | Frederick MD wedding. The next factor is what songs do you hate? If there is a line dance song that you absolutely don’t like, such as the “Macarena” for example; put it on your Do Not Play List. There are many tools available to the DJ to use to ensure you don’t have to endure a song you hate at your wedding.

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