What would your guests say about attending your DC area wedding?

As a professional DC DJ Service, we are constantly striving to improve our skill set and provide a better experience for our clients and their guests. One way that we do this is by investing both time and money to attend DJ Conventions and learn from the wedding vendors and industry experts from across the country.

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One seminar that I attended this week I found extremely interesting and share worthy was presented by a certified wedding planner. This presentation consisted of video interviews of brides and grooms who had recently married as well as people who had attended four or more weddings in the last two years. These participants did not grant permission for their video to be shared publicly so therefor I am presenting a written recap of what I learned.

When asked what they remembered most from their wedding the four newlywed couples mentioned the following items:

The Venue: 4 couples

The Music: 4 couples

The Food: 3 couples

The Photo’s: 2 couples

The Décor: 1 couple

The Dress: 1 couple

When the wedding guests were surveyed about the 4 – 8 weddings that they had attended two of the things that they most remembered were unanimous, the food and the music. Two couples specifically mentioned entertainment with one talking about interactive games that were offered and the second about the photo booth experience they had.

Two items were mentioned in a negative way. One was a speaker that did not work for “at least an hour” and the other noticed the lack of décor in the venue.

I think what is obvious from this survey is that the experience is what couples and guests remember most from their wedding day. If I were planning a wedding and I wanted to make sure that my guests felt that this day was special, creating that memorable experience would be my number one priority. My planning process would be tailored to ensure that I budgeted based on priority and secured the most crucial vendors first.

I want to make clear that I don’t necessarily think the order listed by the newly-weds is the right priority for most couples. Having the memories in living color is incredibly important and while photography was only mentioned half the time, I would guess that if respondents had been prompted then likely 100% of them would have said that it was a huge part of their day.

From the wedding guests I think we can see very clearly what matters most to them. They want to have a good meal. They all mentioned the food, but they did not mention that it was necessarily a gourmet dining experience. They all clearly mentioned the entertainment and I think that makes perfect sense. Guests certainly want to share this day with you, but they also want to be entertained over the six – seven hours that they will spend with you that day. Keep in mind, when most of these folks visit your home, they don’t stay for six or seven hours!

I think we can also see that it is important to hire a professional DJ. Imagine if it were your wedding and the speaker was not working for a significant portion of the reception! A professional DJ carries quality back up equipment. An amateur DJ who is charging a few hundred bucks can’t afford to buy one set of quality gear much less two. That is not a slam, it is a fact.

At Perfect Harmony Entertainment our team is dedicated to providing exceptional DJ | Photo Booth | Lighting Services to couples and clients in both the Washington DC | Northern VA and Lancaster | Harrisburg | York markets. Our proprietary planning process makes it easy and fun to create a one of a kind event that fits your style and vibe.

I hope that you enjoyed this article and if you found it helpful, I hope that you will please share. I am always looking to provide content that is relevant and helpful for clients and brides in the Washington DC | Northern Virginia areas. Please comment with any information you would like to learn more about.