12 Killer Ideas to Throw The Best Harrisburg Holiday Party Ever!

As the temperatures cool the inquiries for a Harrisburg DJ Services heat up as companies secure venues and entertainment for their Christmas and New Years Eve parties. If you are looking for tips on finding the best DJ Service for your event in the Central PA area including Harrisburg | York | Lancaster, you can find that article here:

6 Tips to Book the Perfect DJ for Your Harrisburg Holiday Party

If you are looking for ideas for your party that will engage and entertain your party guests we have some here. Pick a few and make them your own. No one will take the early bus and your party will be legendary.

1. Karaoke

Allow your guest the opportunity to be the stars of the show. We have been involved with karaoke and we know that adding this to your event can be terrific and it can be a train wreck. Make sure that the Harrisburg DJ Service you hire is actively involved in karaoke. An easy way to weed out the posers is by asking them: where is a karaoke show that you host that I can attend. If they don’ have one that is a red flag. Ask how many songs they have in their karaoke library. If the answer is not in the tens of thousands, I would pass.

A couple of thousand songs sound like a massive amount of music. A few thousand means they have a lot Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, and the Beach Boys but no a lot of much else. I can assure you that any Central PA DJ Service that doesn’t invest in karaoke music doesn’t invest in quality vocal microphones either. Can you think of a worse combination than terrible sounding microphones and limited songs for a karaoke party?

We have a passion for this musical segment and we know how to incorporate it in a way that entertains the performers and non-performers alike.

2. Add Games

We offer a variety of games so that you can set of a lounge at the venue where guests can enjoy a game or two on their break from the dance floor.

3. Food Truck

We all like a seated and served dinner but ask yourself, how many times in your life has a seated and served dinner been fun? It never has! Our parents taught us not to play with our food and that the dinner table is no place for fun.

Casual dining where your guests are encouraged to mingle is a recipe for a great Harrisburg Party!

4. Throwback Attire

Loosen up and create a theme night. If you want more formal fashion have a roaring 20’s party with a speakeasy theme. If karaoke is on the menu make it an 80’s theme when MTV actually played music videos. If you are looking for cool and hip perhaps a Miami Vice or James Bond theme is in order. Make it fun and be sure to include a photo booth to capture all of cool outfits and perhaps a few blackmail photos!

5. Luck be a lady tonight!

Give your Harrisburg Party goers a raffle ticket as they enter. Stop the party a few times during the evening to announce winners. Create a prize box with gift cards, tickets, and to make it even more fun; include a few booby prizes.

6. Fun Foods

Spice up your event with foods decorated to match the theme. Having a casino or Vegas theme? Cut veggies to look like poker chips or cut brownies into squares and decorate them with frosting to make them look like dice.

Adult snow balls or our very popular mini donut bar are a couple of other suggestions. What’s better than an endless amount of tasty sweet treats ready to be eaten? Sweet treats with your preferred toppings. We serve up piping hot dough rings and set out a smorgasbord of toppings choices for your guests to enjoy.

By adding a few themed foods or drinks with a catchy name or two you can make your party much more casual and fun.

7. Add a Photo Booth

This is the selfie age! A photo booth not only creates lasting memories of the event, it encourages interaction. Think about it, are you more likely to dance with your supervisor or have a fun photo taken with them?

No one leaves early when there is a photo booth!

8. Have an Ugly Sweater Theme

Ugly sweaters are something most people have received and deep down inside they love the opportunity to show off just how hideous theirs is. Ditch the “corporate casual” attire that the staff wears every day for something less stuffy and fun.

9. Have a house building contest

We are talking small scale here folks. Stock up on sugary decor like candy canes, cinnamon hearts, gummy bears, M&Ms, Starburst, jelly beans, sprinkles, icing, and of course, gumdrops, and let staff create their own gingerbread houses. When everyone’s done building their masterpiece, hold a vote to see who wins for best curb appeal.

10. Break out the blindfold

In Mexico, piñatas are not just for birthdays. Buy a safe for work-themed piñata and stuff it with goodies like airplane-sized shooters of booze, candy, and toys even adults would love, like sticky hands.

11. Give them a lift

If your Harrisburg Christmas or New Years party has really taken it to the next level, some of your guests may need a ride home. Save your employees the burden of figuring it out and provide a free ride service.

12. Always make the invite a plus one!

Besides the pure entertainment factor of seeing what guests show up, allowing employees to bring a plus one to your corporate holiday party is a nice gesture to include everyone. Also, people are more inclined to attend if they can bring their spouse or significant other along.

There you have it! A dozen ideas to create a killer holiday party!

No party is great without killer tunes and our team of DJs would love to craft the perfect soundtrack to your Christmas or New Years Party! Our team of five star rated professionals serve clients in Harrisburg | York | Lancaster as well as in Frederick MD | Leesburg VA and the surrounding Northern VA area.

Text, call, or email and let’s discuss your vision and how we can make it a reality. We are not the smallest company in the market nor or we the largest. Our calendar does fill up quickly so don’t delay. Christmas always seems to arrive sooner than you think!