6 Ways To Tell Your Love Story!

As a Wedding DJ | Photo Booth | Event Lighting service provider serving the markets of Central PA (Lancaster, Harrisburg), Maryland (Frederick, Baltimore) and Northern VA; we have been a part of a lot of weddings!  Over the years, we have noticed that some weddings we remember more than others. Why is that? What makes those wedding stand out when we reminisce?

It Is All About the People!

In the end, it wasn’t about the budget, the venue, or even the décor. It was about the people. I remember the weddings that really allowed me to feel like I was a part of their love story—no matter how small a role I played. Even though I only knew those couples for a short time, their weddings had a way of telling their story to the world. 

Finding a way to incorporate your love story in different aspects of your wedding is important. You don’t want your wedding to look like anyone else’s, and personalizing your wedding is the best way to truly make it yours. 

Here are a few tips to set your wedding apart from all the rest:

Your Vows

As you stand before your friends and family everyone’s attention will be on you. Make the most of this moment by sharing details of you met, fell in love, and how this moment came to be. There are the people that you invited and there are those who came. Those who are here at this magical moment care about you and they love hearing your story and learning more about the person you have become.

This doesn’t have to be a fifteen-minute story in which you recall every date or gift exchanged between the two of you. It is really a summation of how everyone in attendance came to be at this place and at this moment. As with most good things in life, you want to leave your guests wanting more.

Take Advantage of the Wedding Program

This document allows a lot of space to not only list the timeline of events but also tidbits about your lover store. You could use this space to share milestone dates of your relationship. You could share the story of your proposal. You could explain why you have selected this venue, this décor, or this playlist.

There’s no limit to the number of ways you can make your wedding program special.

Personal Photos

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Guests absolutely love this! As mentioned earlier, every person here shares a deep bond with you. That said, we all know how crazy life can be! It is likely that some of the folks who are here to celebrate either have not spent a great deal of time with you recently. Others did not know you until…

Using photos of you both together is another great way to incorporate your love story into your wedding day. Yes, it’s been done. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t a great way to give your friends and family a sneak peak into your lives together.

Instead of just reading or hearing about your love story, this is the perfect way to really help them visualize it. Even the silly selfies you take together can tell a story.

Have Fun with Table Names

Like the programs, table names are also often ignored when it comes to incorporating your love story into your wedding. Why use regular, boring table numbers when you can do just about anything else? You could use the dates of important milestones in your relationship, name the tables after your many dogs, or even use the names of locations that are special to you. The possibilities are endless, and it’s amazing how playing with table names can get guests talking.

Serve Your Favorite Foods

If mac & cheese is your favorite food, serve it. If you love breakfast dinner, I’ll be the first one “egging” you on. Everyone goes with chicken or fish solely because they feel like they must.

Food has so much personality, and many couples go with traditional options that say nothing about their own preferences. That said there is no shame in going traditional if that represents you. Do what will make you happy.

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Personalize Your Soundtrack

I may be a bit biased, but I firmly believe that a soundtrack is the perfect way to incorporate your love story into your wedding. Maybe start the night off with the first song you danced to? Or choose a beach-themed song if you met at the beach? Use music to tell your love story in a subtle, yet still meaningful way. This is your chance to get creative! 

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