4 Tips to Get The Most Out Of Your Frederick DJ

As a DJ Service in Frederick and serving the neighboring areas of Leesburg, Purcellville, and Winchester, we work with many brides and corporate party planners who have little to know experience planning a major event. This article is one of many on our blog to help with throwing the best party ever!

At Perfect Harmony Entertainment we have witnessed firsthand what the vendors you hire can do for you and your guests wedding experience. This is especially true with the DJ Service that you select. Think about it. Other than your venue, the DJ is only item on your list that will impact your guests from literally start to finish.

I would never diminish the value or the skills of a talented photographer or videographer! These folks produce works of art that you and your family will view and share for the decades to come. That said, they make little to no impact on your guests’ enjoyment during the celebration.

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The DJ you choose is the sole provider of entertainment for your big day. They often serve as the MC or host of the event. A great DJ not only keeps your dance floor hopping, they often serve as the Ring Master and ensure that the event timeline is followed so that you get in all the activities that are important to you.

Once you have selected your DJ Service you probably want to get the style of wedding that you have dreamt of and that may be very different from the wedding that DJ performed at a week ago.

Here are a few tips to ensure that your DJ creates the perfect wedding experience for you:

The DJ Works for You

This is your event. The DJ is the facilitator of fun. Let the DJ know what you are looking for in terms of vibe and style. The more information you can provide about your expectations and you guest the more successful your wedding reception will be.

Success may not be determined by the number of people who are on the dance floor. We have had many couples have the time of their lives even though they knew that most of the guests would never be on the dance floor! That just wasn’t their thing. That didn’t mean that they did not want fun music, sing along songs, and low stress activities like the “Anniversary Dance”. Their event was a party, not a dance party.

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If You Have Special Requests Let the DJ Know

If you have a special version of a song that you like let your DJ know. If you prefer a specific remix let them know. This is your playlist and you should be sure to get the tunes you want. That said, even in this digital age every song may not be instantly available from the regular sources that DJ uses to buy their music. Allow as much time as you can to ensure the greatest odds of success.

The same is true of entrances or special dance songs. We have had multiple father – daughter dances at a wedding. We have had tribute dances for those whose loved ones had passed on. These are very special moments that only happen once in a lifetime! Make sure that you include them and let your DJ know early so that they receive the treatment they deserve.

Let Them Know How to Handle Requests

Your DJ will be approached by guests with a variety of different song requests. That’s just the way it is. Luckily, since it’s your wedding and your DJ, you’ll be able to decide how the situation is handled.

Before the big day, tell your wedding DJ if they should accept song requests or not.

Take Advantage of the Must and Do Not Play List

If you really don’t want the “Macarena”, you must let your DJ know. Odds are one of the guests will ask for it. Your wedding DJ won’t know what to avoid unless you tell them. I know that we all have songs that we absolutely cannot stand, and the last place you’re going to want to hear them is your wedding. The “Do Not Playlist” is vital, because there’s always that one friend who tries to get the DJ to play a song, they know you despise.

The same goes for a “Must Playlist”. If there’s something you can’t live without, let your DJ know. Especially, if the song needs to be played at a certain time or for a certain event. Coordinating with your DJ is vital to ensure that your wedding and reception go off without a hitch.

Thank you for reading this article. If you are already a client of ours then you are already aware of how easy our proprietary wedding planning process makes all of this. If you are not working with us and would like to know more about our services including our planning app, I invite you to click our contact button.

Our team at Perfect Harmony Entertainment does far more for our couples than provide great music and fun activities such as our photo booth. Our focus is to help our couples and corporate clients create the events they have envisioned. We do that in part through offering tips and advice and sharing our event experience.

Music serves as the driving force behind an unforgettable wedding experience! Perfect Harmony Entertainment is dedicated to providing our couples and clients with exemplary service to help them create fantastic events!

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