3 Ways To Strike A Pose At Your Frederick Photo Booth Rental

Your Frederick wedding should be unforgettable from all points of view. The most important thing to ensure that it is unforgettable is to hire a great Frederick DJ Service. Lest you think that statement is simply a sales pitch, the national website Zola surveyed 750 brides and grooms and asked them what things they wish they had spent more money on. The DJ Service was in the top five mentioned items or services.

If you think about it this makes sense. Most weddings have the ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception at the venue. From the moment those guests arrive on the property for the Prelude until the Bride and Groom send off, their enjoyment is impacted by the DJ. That usually entails about six hours.

This blog post is not about hiring a great Frederick DJ Service however. It is about why you should think about adding a photo booth to your wedding celebration and if you have, making sure that you get as much from it as your guests.

Photo booths are extremely fun and will be very popular for your guests. Will it be used? Absolutely it will! We live in the age where photos are taken constantly. Not are photos more popular now than ever, people like to alter their appearance using filters. These are nothing more than virtual props.

What a photo booth does is enhance that desire to dress up and yuck it up with friends and family. It also allows folks of all ages to interact and have fun together. The dance floor is certainly the main hub of activity but lets be honest, not many 60+ year olds are going to get down to 50 Cent “In Da Club” or Montell’s “That’s The Way We Do It”. This gives them a way to interact with your younger guests in a way that they feel comfortable.

At our last Frederick area wedding reception, there were over 240 photos taken! These candid shots are pictures that your photographer is simply not going to get. This is not meant to be a knock against photographers it is simply a product of the environment. When your guests are dressing up and having fun the photos and their poses are more natural.

While your guests are bound to have a great time enjoying the photo booth it is important that the two of you take a bit of time for yourselves to enjoy it as well. Again, these are pictures that your photographer will not capture. That said, at many weddings the newlyweds have used the props with their photographer and captured some amazing images that won’t be captured at the photo booth! Photographers have and eye for their art and they are able to use angles and poses to create breath-taking images!

While the photo booth you rent for your Western Maryland wedding will never replace your photographer, here are a few poses you might want to try when using it.

Romantic Shots


The photo booth will be your stage of action for sweet, quirky and romantic shots. Smooches, lifting her up, blowing kisses, gently pulling his tie – there’s a million options to create adorable couple photo booth pictures. Don’t be afraid to be creative.

Fun Couple Shots

Want to get silly all alone in front of the photo booth camera? Go ahead! Mimic going down the stairs, shoot photos of yourself in all four corners, smile, laugh, or even take the same pose for each of your photo booth pictures. This should be fun, so there are really no rules involved.

With Your Gang

The bridesmaids’ squad and the groomsmen’s group will surely want to shoot a couple of pictures together as well. From posing as Charlie’s Angels (for the ladies) to showing off muscles (for the guys), there is, again, a wide range of ideas you can breathe life into. Allowing yourself the freedom to be silly and childish is the key to fun photo booth pictures and an instant memory.

At Perfect Harmony Entertainment we offer modern, touch screen photo booths that fit into your wedding or party décor. We provide photo booth rental services not only to clients in Frederick and Hagerstown but also to Lancaster, York, and Harrisburg.

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