How Playing The Right Songs At The Wrong Time Ruined A Wedding!

As a busy DJ | Photo Booth | Event Lighting company that serves brides all over the Lancaster PA, Frederick MD, and Leesburg VA areas; we get to experience all types of wedding celebrations. Some are small intimate affairs of several dozen guests and others can make you wonder how a couple can know so many people!

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Typically, though, the weddings we do are on par with the national average in terms of guest count. Our couples usually have about 100 – 125 friends and family in attendance. Of these guests there are typically at least three generations in attendance and sometimes four. 

The range in ages can be an important factor to keep in mind when thinking about your open dancing playlist. This is especially true at the beginning of the open dancing when your guests are trying to determine if this party is “their kind of party”.

I can share a personal experience to illustrate the impact that the early set list can have on the success of an event:

This bride lived out of town, so her mother did the initial interview of the vendors including the DJ. The mother made it clear that there would be a lot of family and long-time friends of the family and her co-workers in attendance, about 110 guests in all.

At the final consultation with the bride she made it clear that she wanted a raging dance party! “No problem” I said, after all, that is what we do! To make a long story shorter, the open dance set began with a slow dance song and a couple of fast dance songs that were familiar to most guests in attendance.

Before the third song ended the bride and her bridesmaids demanded that specific songs be played from her must play list immediately and in order. These twelve to twenty people had a fantastic time!

The private dance party had gone on for about 45 minutes when the Maid of Honor said “We need to have the sparkler exit now while there are still people left! Everyone is leaving!” The “exit” was done in nearly full sunlight one hour into the open dance portion of the party.

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Was their wedding ruined? In their eyes, it wasn’t. The parents and close relatives stayed until the end. Mom was disappointed that she didn’t get to dance with her girl friends to “her music” like she had planned. Her music was played long after her friends had given up on hearing any music that they liked to dance to. But the newlywed couple and their friends got to dance to all their jams.

What they don’t realize, is that there was never any danger of those songs not being played. Instead of having a party that 110 people will remember fondly for years to come, about guests will be asked about the event and say “Yeah, it was ok.”

You and your guests deserve more than ok. Make sure that your early playlist includes a few songs you know that they’ll love. Your going to play about 15 songs and hour. Give them 10 winners and you will keep your guests there well after the cake is cut!

Music serves as the driving force behind an unforgettable wedding experience! Perfect Harmony Entertainment is dedicated to providing our couples and clients with exemplary service to help them create fantastic events!

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