Fun Send off Ideas for Your Washington DC Wedding

If you’ve chosen the right Washington DC DJ Service to rock your wedding the last thing you will want to see is for this magnificent celebration to end! With the super cool photo booth, amazing event lighting, and never-ending dance party, who would?

As they say, “All good things must come to an end.” But how it ends is totally up to you. Here are a few suggestions of how to wrap up your celebration and make a “Grand Exit” from your DC area wedding venue.

Indoor Options

If you would like to end your celebration in the reception area there are a few options that we have seen. All of them take place on the dance floor.

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A low key way to end the reception is to simply ask the MC to announce that this is the final song of the evening and thank your guests before playing the final song.

Another option is to play two different songs. The first of these two songs is the final dance with the guests. This can be any type of song. It can be an upbeat dance song. It can be a sing along song that everyone knows or, it can be a slow dance song.

The last of these two songs is a slow dance song with only the newlyweds are on the dance floor.

The “Friendship Circle”…

This also takes place on the dance floor and is begun with the newlyweds in the center of the floor and the MC asking the guests to form a circle around them. The DJ then plays a slow dance song typically, as the guests join hands and form a slow rotating circle around them.

This provides great photo opportunities if the photographer is scheduled to stay until the end.

Outdoor Options

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If you choose an outdoor option it is nearly a given that the photographer will be on hand to capture the scene. Here are a few ideas that are image worthy.

“Baby you’re a firework”…..

If the DC area wedding venue allows it and it is in your budget, light up the sky with a full fledged fireworks display. For most that is not and option and you can get an awesome result using hand held sparklers.

Want more color options that will make it less formal? Use glow sticks instead of sparklers. Not only are these safer, there is no debris left on the ground since your guests will take them with them.

If your exit is taking place in the daylight hours you have a couple of options. One option is a bubbles exit with each guest receiving a small container of bubbles to blow as you make you way to your awaiting transportation.

Another less common exit that I have seen is a “bell exit”. For this exit the guests are given small bells that they ring as the newlyweds walk into the next phase of their journey.

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