You Don’t Have To Settle For An “Average” Harrisburg Wedding!”

Owning my own DJ Company and serving clients and couples in the Central PA areas of Harrisburg, York, and Lancaster has been the most rewarding occupation that I have ever had! From childhood I have had a love of music and my favorite songs feature lyrics that tell a story. “Piano Man” by Billy Joel is a great example. As a Harrisburg wedding DJ I get to combine those two passions: music and stories.

A wedding day, be it in Harrisburg or anywhere else in the world is full of stories. Some parts of it are told during the ceremony via the wedding program or the words of the Officiant, especially if he or she knows the bride and groom. Other parts of the story are told during the reception through the toasts given or the welcoming by the newlyweds or their parents.

While the music and the stories told at any wedding in Harrisburg are different which keeps it interesting, there is one thing that is nearly always the same. That common thread is that the couple getting married has never told this story before because they have never planned a wedding before. With so much build up and visions for how this day will be it can be very stressful in knowing what you should do.

This blog post is intended to give your some advice and ideas as your start planning what will be a fantastic Harrisburg area wedding ceremony and reception. This knowledge has been gained through first hand experience. As a disclaimer I will repeat that I own and operate Perfect Harmony Entertainment. We provide DJ | Lighting | Photo Booth Services to the areas mentioned earlier as well as to couples in Frederick MD | Washington DC | Leesburg VA.

It bothers me when I read or hear about regrets that couples have after their wedding. That they wish they had spent more money on this and not that. That they wish they had made different choices. It bothers me even more when I hear that the decision they regret was made due to outside influences. The reason this bothers me so much is that, no matter how you look at it, weddings are expensive and this will likely the most expensive party you will ever throw. It also bothers me because this is a once in a lifetime event that will never happen again.

Who or what are the most important things to secure for your Harrisburg Wedding?


The short answer to that is what is most important to you? Unless you have an unlimited budget you will have to make compromises. Planning a wedding is like buying a car. If a remote start, convertible top, and heated seats are must haves, it will cost you more than the baseline model.

My first bit of advice has to do with building your wedding team. First and foremost before you book anyone or anything sit down and make a list of what is most important to you. Do you want amazing photographs? Is providing your guests with a terrific meal one of the most important things? The venue, the flowers, the dress, there are so many components of a wedding celebration to think about. Starting with a list of the 3 – 5 most important will help you prioritize when you get to budgeting.

Who wants an average Harrisburg wedding?

No doubt at some point early on in the process you will use a wedding budget calculator. The average wedding cost in Hagerstown MD is just over $30,000 and the average wedding cost in Frederick is nearly $37,000. Many of these sites will not only list the total average cost of the entire wedding, it will list the

average cost of all parts of the wedding such as the wedding venue, the DJ service, photographer, floral and so on.


Now that you have looked at the “average” cost of each service you now need to go back to your top 3 – 5 most important items to you list. Let’s assume that photography made your top five and this report says that the average spent on photography is $2,500. You need to be prepared to spend at or above that amount to get the quality that you are looking for.

We use a lot of images from professional photographers that we have had the pleasure of working with. We have seen jaw-dropping photos and others that are less than amazing. The photographers who produce the best work consistently charge more and they are booked solid every single year.

Let’s assume that the meal made your top priority list. You see your guest being served Champagne, passed hors d'oeuvres, and a plated meal of surf and turf. You need to realize that you can throw the “average” amount spent on catering out the window. There is nothing “average” about that type of meal.

If you plan to be above average on your top 3 – 5 priorities you should plan to trim or cut in other areas or plan to spend more than average on your wedding.

How do I find amazing vendors for my Harrisburg wedding?


This is a topic unto itself and we have covered this process in great detail in a previous blog post: Draft a Team of Harrisburg Event All-Stars for Your Wedding!

How do I get the best results from my team of Harrisburg Wedding professionals?

The number one way of course is thru communication but quite honestly that has seldom been and issue at least for me and my clients. If you have hired active professionals and not hobbyist, they will need little direction but you should let them know what you are looking for as best you can so you get the result you are expecting.

One misconception I often experience is that the Wedding Planner or Day of Coordinator is the event expert. While there are exceptions to this rule odds are this is simply not true. This is not to down play their importance or minimize what they do— many are great at organizing and creating a workable timeline. They are terrific at helping complete tasks that you don’t have time for. If I were to liken them to another profession I would compare them to the Conductor of an Orchestra. Your photographer is an expert at what they do just as the lead flute player is the best at what they do. The conductor directs the flute player when to play not how to play.


You will always get the best result when you speak with the professional who is doing the job and not just the person who is creating the timeline. I am not a professional photographer but I do know that lighting is merely one of the factors in creating amazing shots. Lighting is often based on time day of day and can change on a dime. In my opinion you should always discuss any suggestions with the person who you have entrusted with producing the result before you finalize.

For a DJ Service here is one example that is not so obvious to all Wedding Planners: the floor plan. Planning for tables around all four sides of the dance floor and the DJ Booth placed so that there are tables between the DJ and Dance Floor is a recipe for disaster and it happens frequently. I cannot tell you how many times the floor plan is for our DJ to be set up merely 5 feet away from the oldest and least likely to dance guests in attendance. The poor folks will either complain and rightly so, that the music is too loud or simply pack up and leave because the sound is too much to bear. This isn’t because we play at ear bleeding levels. It is because it was a terrible plan to begin with and the person who made the floor plan simply doesn’t know any better.

I hope that you have enjoyed this article. I you have I hope that you will share it with others who may be planning a Wedding, Corporate Event, or Holiday Party in the Harrisburg | Lancaster area. If they need a DJ Service or a Photo Booth rental that is even better!

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