Hiring A Washington DC Wedding DJ That Doesn't Focus On The Skeptics? Good Luck!

You have likely been thinking about and planning your Washington DC Wedding for a substantial amount of time. Needless to say, you have devoted a great effort and invested a tidy sum in throwing the biggest and most important party that you will ever throw. The last thing you want is for your guests to take the early bus as soon as the cake is cut. After all, the reception accounts for about 25% - 30% of the time you booked the venue.

Throwing that once in a lifetime party that your Washington DC guests will never forget doesn’t happen by accident. It takes planning and experience in working with audiences and the knowledge that like any gathering of people, they are not all the same.

“Dancers, Sitters, & Skeptics”

When it comes to a party or wedding reception the crowd can be broken down into three types of people: dancers, sitters, and skeptics.

“The Dancers”

These people are the life of the party! This is the low hanging fruit of the DJ world. They are easy pickings for any dance tune. As long as it is not some obscure track that only the biggest fan of that particular artist would know, these folks will be on the dance floor.

Dancing is something these folks really enjoy. They know the dances. They have rhythm. They are not self conscious and don’t need a crowd to blend in with to hit the dance floor. In fact, these gems will likely be ready to open up the dance floor before you do and the about the only thing a Washington DC DJ can do to ruin it is to dance them out too early.

“The Sitters”

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These are guests that simply do not dance period. “Dancers” don’t understand “Sitters” and they likely never will. That’s ok, they don’t need to understand them. Sitters often love and appreciate music as much or more as the dancers do. They simply express it differently.

Their expression is far more subtle and may consist or nothing more than tapping their toes, singing along with the song, and at most chair dancing. In my experience the sitters actually listen to the lyrical content of the song being played more intently than the dancers who are focused on the beat.

An inexperienced DJ can easily lose the respect of the sitters and can encourage their early exit. How is that possible? By attempting to get them to react to the music in a way that makes them uncomfortable. In other words, don’t ask them to dance.

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Some of you read that last sentence and immediately want to tune out. “What kind of DJ doesn’t get people on the dance floor?” The short answer is one who knows what they are doing and is not an amateur. Trying to make people do something that they don’t like to do may increase your enjoyment but it surely won’t increase theirs.

Here is an analogy. Most people hate to speak in public and even more would never sing in public. If you are one of those people imagine that you go out to a bar for karaoke night. Imagine if the karaoke hosts somehow forced you to sing. Yes, I know that you would leave before you would be “forced” into singing but that is the point. You would rather call it a night than do something you are not comfortable doing. So would the sitters at your wedding.

The only advise for the DC DJ is to leave those people alone and let them enjoy themselves! The fact that they are not on the dance floor doesn’t mean they are not enjoying themselves. In fact, that they are still in the venue is proof positive that they are having a great time! Leave them alone and they may pop out on the floor for a sing along song or a slow dance from time to time.

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“The Skeptics”

This is the most important group in terms of your dance floor. These folks are people that came hoping they’d dance. What they need most is a reason to dance. These people are whom your DC Wedding or Party DJ should focus all of their attention on!

Read the second line in the previous paragraph again. “People that came hoping to dance.” That is 100% true. They love music. They have rhythm. They like to dance. They skeptical about whether or not your playlist and your DJ will let them dance.

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They do not dance to every 128 beat per minute song. If they did not grow up in the 90’s they may very well not dance to Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off”, especially true if it is played inside the first 30 minutes of the open dance set. These are the guests you’ll see who rush to the dance floor when the DJ transitions from today’s hottest dance track to “The Cupid Shuffle”.

It is important to understand why that is. It is because “The Cupid Shuffle” and other wildly popular dance hits and the songs from their high school and college years are the songs they “know how” to dance to. The skeptics do not want to look foolish any more than the sitters do. While they may be out on the dance floor to more obscure (for them anyway), songs later in the night, early on they are staying with what they know.

This group is the difference between a raging party and one that is just ok. It is also the difference between your guests staying until the end of the night or taking the early bus.

Our professional DJ team are experts at creating legendary events! It isn’t by luck or happenstance, our DJs receive training and practice their craft. If you want to ensure success for your most important events you should invest in professionals, not hobbyists.

Your wedding is your BMW. Your backyard BBQ get together is your 175,000 mile Corolla. I might get self claimed “trained mechanic” who works in his barn to tune up my Corolla but my new BMW is going to the shop. One other thing to remember. That shade tree mechanic can not fix your Corolla leaving you to take it someplace else next time. You don’t get a next time with once in a lifetime moments.

Thank you for reading this article and if you have found it helpful I hope that you will share with others who may find it helpful as well. If you are looking for DJ | Photo Booth |Lighting Services for your event in the DC | Northern Virginia | Frederick MD area, we would love to hear your plans and help you create something legendary.