The Perfect Late Night Snacks for your Lancaster Wedding!

If you are planning a 2020 wedding in Lancaster, York, Harrisburg or anywhere else in Central PA you are likely aware the that it is all about making the night an “experience” for your guests. In fact, national statistics show that guests counts are getting smaller so that brides and grooms can afford to offer more experiences to their guests.

Some of these experiences are interactive with a photo booth being the most popular add on by far in the Central PA market. Others are jaw dropping services such as lighting that can highlight and transform the look of the venue and also call attention to the details that you have spent so much time creating. Among them are your Wedding Cake which came at a significant expense and the table centerpieces.

One thing your Lancaster Wedding guests care about is the food! So how can you set it apart from the rest? By offering late night snacks!

Whether your guests are taking a shuttle to the hotel or are making the trip back home, odds are they’ll be hungry after dancing all night. Regardless of whether you offer cake or desserts, a late night snack can be a great addition to your wedding! Plus, they double as an enjoyable wedding favor. Here are some of our favorite Late Night Snack options. 

Cookies & Milk

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This classic late night snack is not only delicious, it is very unique! You can make it even more special if you have a family recipe or even better, a family member who is known for making cookies at Christmas time. Trust be, whomever they are they would love the opportunity to be involved on this special day in such a memorable way.

Whether you dunk or twist, your guests are bound to appreciate a warm cookie and cold milk right before bed. What’s great about this snack is the variety! You can please every guest by offering various cookie and milk flavors. Guests can pair M&M cookies with chocolate milk, or Oatmeal Raisin with strawberry milk. To make this treat a favor, bag cookies in advance and offer cartons of milk!

Soft Pretzels

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Did you know that Pennsylvania is the US home of the pretzel? The very first commercial pretzel factory was founded in Lititz right here in Lancaster County in 1861. What a perfect snack to include in your Lancaster area wedding celebration!

Is there anything better than salty carbs? We think not. Have a cart at your wedding serving them fresh and hot, or get custom-shaped pretzels of your initials! Provide dipping sauces like marinara sauce, cheese, cinnamon butter, and mustard! And feel free to send any leftovers our way.


Is there anything pizza can’t make better? Just saying the word makes our mouths water. Just imagine your guests’ reactions when a pizza food truck or delivery man/woman arrives. Pizza is the perfect food to serve at your after-party, too! Just be sure to offer a variety of cheese, pepperoni, and vegetable lovers so everyone can enjoy!


Sandwiches are not only very satisfying, but they are great finger foods! As the night winds down, ask your caterer if they can come out with platters of miniature sandwiches like sliders, grilled cheese, or even PB&J! Your guests can eat them on the dance floor, at their seats, or on-the-go.

As with any party, if you want guests to stay, you’ve got to serve food. Comfort food, like the options presented here, are always crowd-favorites!

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