3 First Dance Tips to Wow your Guests

As a DJ Service provider who works with many brides and grooms, we get asked a lot of questions regarding wedding planning. This article is one of many found on our blog page that isn’t simply about DJ Services. It is written to help couples plan their dream wedding and take a bit of the stress off of planning.

If you are planning a wedding or event in the Lancaster, York, Harrisburg area, I hope that you will follow this page and if you find it helpful, share with those who may also find value in it.

When you’ve invested so much in thinking about and planning a celebration it is natural to want it to be flawless and exciting. Over the course of your celebration much of the time and focus will be shared with family and friends. One of the moments of the wedding reception where the spotlight will be only on you is the first dance. 

This traditional wedding activity brings enjoyment to everyone. I think there are a couple of reasons for this. I believe that it brings people joy to see others happy; how could anything compare to the happiness of two lovers who have become one? I think another reason is that it is human nature to want to witness firsts.  

Knowing that you’ll have the attention of those who mean the most to you could make you feel a bit of pressure to perform. Relax! Keep in mind that those who are watching you are not critics. They are pulling for you not only in this once in a lifetime moment but in all moments to come. Here are a few tips to make this moment a little less stressful and more fun. 

Know Your Song. 

One of the first steps to creating a fantastic first dance is to choose the right song and to know it well. This will help you set the tone, pace, and even the style of your dance. Sit down with your partner so that you can find a song that is meaningful to you both. A song that showcases heartfelt lyrics that represent your relationship would certainly be ideal.

Short & Sweet. 

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This is a special moment that you may want to last forever; however, in this age of instant information and shorter attention spans, this may not be the best option. The pace of your wedding reception is critical to having a successful event. The last thing you want at any point in your wedding’s reception is for your guests to become bored! It’s best to keep your dance to a reasonable time limit. Ideally, your dance should last approximately three to three and a half minutes. 


Choreographing a dance is no easy task. You can sharpen your dance skills by enrolling in classes. The sooner the better, in fact. Not only will you have some quality dance moves to show off on the dance floor, but you will also get to spend some quality time with your fiancé.

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