Lancaster Wedding DJ & Uplighting Services

Planning a Lancaster Wedding? 5 Reasons to Add Uplighting to Your Must Have List!

There is no doubt that when your wedding day arrives, you and your partner will be the stars of the show! All eyes will be on you as you take center stage and the momentous step toward “Happily Ever After”. 

Music is certainly a key component to personalizing the celebration, setting the mood, and engaging your family and friends. 

Your décor choices will create a vibe and send a message to your guests regarding the style you have chosen for your Central PA wedding. Whether it is formal or casual, the décor will let your guests know the vibe. 

When it comes to pulling the décor and music together there is nothing better than lighting! 

Uplighting Adds Life!

Think about how often lighting is used to create a mood or elicit an action in our daily lives. Think about the movie scenes where candlelight sets the romantic scene or the pulse of the dance lights that exude energy and excitement.  No matter what kind of vibe you are going for, no matter how casual or formal you wedding reception or corporate party is, lighting makes it better!

At Perfect Harmony Entertainment, lighting is one of the services we offer beyond our DJ service. Lighting has never failed to make any event we have done, large or small, better. 

Here are 5 reasons to add uplighting to your Lancaster area Wedding or Party

Add Pizzazz to Your Venue!

Your venue of choice will be gorgeous! They all are. We have performed at some of the finest wedding venues in the area such as Linwood Estates. We have celebrated in back yards with tents, and in barns that are not wedding venues but working barns!

Ceresville Mansion

No matter the venue chosen, they always look fantastic! With all of the thought and care that goes into creating the atmosphere, it’s no wonder they always look gorgeous.

What lighting can do is to pull those elements together. With lighting you can enhance the special details that you have spent so much time in crafting. The head or sweetheart table, podiums, or the unique architectural elements of the space are all great areas to highlight. 

Skip the Fire Hazards.

While candles are certainly romantic, they can also be a wedding disaster! Not only are they susceptible to the elements such as wind and rain, they are also a fire and safety threat. No one wants that memory of their wedding reception!

Uplighting allows you to create the intimate feel of candle light with none of the hassle or risks. 

Wash Lighting Is Versatile. 

Your wedding reception or party is an active event. The mood and the vibe will change from romantic to cordial to festive. When you add uplighting to your wedding DJ service, you add the ability to change the mood as the event transitions to party mode! 

An additional benefit is that wireless battery powered uplights go where corded lights or candles simply won’t go. With no power source required and no tripping hazards caused by wires, uplighting is the best choice for many applications. 

The Colors of Your Wedding. 

Sometimes, you just want a little bit of color in your life or party! You can have exactly that with customizable uplighting that can be programmed in many different hues. No matter what color scheme or theme you have chosen for your big day, your uplighting can complement it!

Liberty Lodge Wedding

Save Time & Money When Compared To Traditional Decor. 

Uplighting can save you both time and money. Both of these are very precious when planning a once in a lifetime event.  Using traditional décor can be a huge time consumer not only in selecting the right items but the set-up and tear down. 

Once the event is over now what do you do with it? 

First, it has to be packed up and hauled away from the venue. After several solid hours of heavy partying who wants to do that? What a downer!

Now that it has been lugged away using multiple cars and then delivered to a central location, what do you do with it? Fill up the garage of your new home? Put it online for pennies on the dollar and have strangers come to your house on the Saturday you and your hubby should be sharing bonding time?

Uplighting is the no muss, no fuss solution to all of that noise and save you a few bucks in the process. A complete win – win!   

Those are just a few of the benefits of uplighting and there are many more that we will cover in future posts. At Perfect Harmony Entertainment we offer uplighting services in addition to our Wedding DJ & Corporate DJ Service. We also offer uplighting services in addition to our Photo Booth Service.  

If you are planning a wedding or corporate event in our service area we would love the opportunity to learn more about your event. Our DJs routinely travel to all areas within a 90 minute drive from Chambersburg, PA.

This convenient location permits us to offer wedding DJ services to clients from Washington D.C. to Frederick, MD, as well as wedding DJs for couples celebrating in Lancaster and Harrisburg, PA.

Our demand is as large as our service area! If you would like to check our availability for your date or chat about your event click the link below or simply send us a text.