Spotlight Your Lancaster Wedding Cake

The wedding cake that you present at your Lancaster Wedding is far more than the just dessert! This is a commissioned edible piece of art that you have taken your valuable time to design and select. Think about that for just a moment. How many times in your life have you spent this much energy on dessert? My guess in never.

Now let’s think about the cost involved. According to Wedding Wire the national average cost for a wedding cake is $500. I know that it feeds 100 guests but still, that is a pricey piece of edible art.

Unfortunately it has become common for many venues to put this beautiful item that you’ve invested so much time to , in the furthest, darkest, corner of the ballroom where it will only be seen by your photographer and a tiny fraction of your guests. What a shame! If you spent $500 on a piece of art for your home would you hang it in the guestroom? That is like spending $100 on a single firework, lighting the fuse, and then closing your eyes as it explodes into a beautiful cascade of color. What’s the point?

It doesn’t have to be this way. You can bring this art piece to life for all your guests to admire before it vanishes just like the rocket I mentioned above. Give your Lancaster wedding cake can get the spotlight that it deserves by adding cake lighting.

What does wedding cake spotlighting do?

Spotlighting your wedding cake will allow all of the guests who have come to Lancaster to celebrate with you the opportunity to marvel at all the features and intricacies that you and your cake maker designed. Oftentimes the entire reception space is too dark and no one will be able to see the detail of your cake or its features unless it's highlighted with a cake spot light.

What is a wedding cake spotlight?

We use a specially designed lighting fixture to throw a focused, soft, light on the cake that illuminates all of the detail and features of the wedding cake. A wedding cake is a commissioned piece of artwork that only lasts for a short amount of time and is often a significant part of any wedding budget, so making sure it's visible is important.

How much does it cost to spotlight my wedding cake?

The cost to spotlight your wedding cake is $120.

The same spotlighting can be done for wedding centerpieces. Centerpiece spotlighting requires fewer lights and is $39 per table.

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