Why You Should Book your Maryland Wedding DJ in Advance

The most important part of your wedding day will only take about 6 seconds. That, of course, is the moment when you will say “I do”!

The most important vendor of your reception starts well before you enter the reception venue and continues until the very end… that’s your DJ!

There is no doubt that putting a wedding together involves a lot of decision making. The gown, colors, floral, cake, and decorations will all be beautiful and will be noticed for sure. But, when it comes to being remembered, wedding statistics indicate that the entertainment provided made more of an impact on the guests than any other vendor or feature of the event. 

While there is no doubt that securing the venue and selecting a photographer should be at the top of your wedding planning to do list, it is important to remember that quality DJs are swooped up quickly! The sooner you reach out, the better chance you have of securing the service of your choice. 

If you are on the fence about why securing your DJ Service is among the most important tasks to complete sooner rather than later, here are a few reasons why you may want to prioritize selecting that service on your wedding planning to do list. 

⦁ Larger Selection 

It may seem like the Maryland and Northern Virginia area has hundreds of wedding DJ’. No doubt, there are quite a few. But, like most things in this world; quantity does not mean quality. The last thing you want is to be forced to settle for a wedding DJ service. The earlier you get started, the more options you will have.

Wedding DJ Frederick MD


When you start your search, you will likely find that not every DJ service is the best fit for you and the vibe you have planned. Again, starting your wedding DJ search early will ensure that you get the DJ whose style best fits you. 

⦁ Better Value

By beginning your search for your perfect wedding DJ ahead of time, you will have an array of options to choose from. Therefore, you will be presented with various prices, providing you with the opportunity to choose the best option for your budget. 

So, avoid the last-minute bookings at much higher prices, and hire your DJ ahead of time for a more cost-friendly approach.

⦁ Time to Plan

Your wedding day will be full of festive events that will have musical accompaniment! From the moment you walk down the aisle, until you bid farewell to your guests, the entire wedding celebration will be filled with music.

By booking your wedding DJ in advance, you will have plenty of time to plan and personalize your playlist. Getting this done early ensures a stress-free planning experience.

If you are planning a wedding or corporate event in our service area, we would love the opportunity to learn more about your plans. Our DJs routinely travel to all areas within a 90 - minute drive from Chambersburg, PA.

This convenient location permits us to offer wedding DJ services to clients from Washington D.C. to Frederick, MD, as well as wedding DJs for couples celebrating in Lancaster and Harrisburg, PA.

Our demand is as large as our service area! If you would like to check our availability for your date or chat about your plan’s click the link below or simply send us a text.