Should I Hire a DJ or a Band for my Wedding?

When the time comes to select the type of entertainment for your wedding, this is likely one of the first questions you will ask yourself. Should we have a band or a DJ entertain our family and friends on our big day?

As a Wedding DJ serving Maryland, Northern Virginia, and Central Pennsylvania I think you can guess what my preference is. However, if you have taken time to read any of our many blog posts, you are aware that our passion is in helping people create amazing events. That help comes by providing useful information so that couples make the best choice for them. Here are the pros and cons of the Band versus the DJ.


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Pros: There’s one thing a DJ just can’t provide, and that’s live music. Live music really allows your guests to experience a performance, and enjoy the atmosphere. A good bandleader will assist as a master of ceremonies at the reception. This means the band should be able to pay attention to the “vibes” in the room, and adjust their performance accordingly.

Cons: Bands have limitations that DJs don’t, and they tend to be more expensive. After all, there are more performers to pay. 

Bands generally play less variety of music.  The vocalist has his/her range so there is naturally a limit to the number of songs and artists that they can perform. They also tend to play one or two styles or genres of music. I have never seen a country band perform Bruno Mars and I am not sure that I would want to!

Bands take up far more venue space than a DJ! The more pieces in the band, the more space is required. 


Pros: A DJ can play any song out there, and will know great songs from just about any genre. It’s easier to give a DJ requests, to sing along to the songs a DJ plays, and for the DJ to improvise if they see that something just isn’t working. Most DJs also work as MCs, so you’re killing two birds with one stone by hiring one.

As an added bonus, DJs tend to cost less than the average band—something that’s important to keep in mind when working within a wedding budget. In a recent article, I found that most couples should allocate between 7% and 9% of their wedding budget towards music and entertainment.

Cons: If your DJ isn’t charismatic or has an unfriendly personality, it could bring the whole party down. That’s why it’s so important to adequately interview your DJ before hiring and check those reviews!

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When deciding between a band or DJ ask yourself: what type of atmosphere I want at my wedding? How much variety do I want in the music? What is my budget for entertainment? How much space do I have at the venue?

The type of music you pick can help solidify your theme. Decide which music genre best reflects the vision you have for your wedding, and determine whether a band or DJ would better deliver on that vision.

A DJ tends to have more variety in their music, and can play just about whatever you want. This makes special requests easier. Also, if you have a special song, a DJ can play it just the way you like it, with no changes. If you want a specific genre/vibe, they can create a playlist of that as well. 

A band delivers that live music experience which can be a lot of fun! However, they can only play the music that they know and are able to perform. 

Music serves as the driving force behind an unforgettable wedding experience! Perfect Harmony Entertainment is dedicated to providing our couples and clients with exemplary service to help them create fantastic events! 

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