At Your Harrisburg Wedding, Create Entertainment for All Ages!

There’s no age limit to having fun and that’s precisely why at your Harrisburg Wedding Reception you need to make sure all of your guests are well entertained. You want them to remember this day with a huge smile on their faces, regardless of their age. Listed below are a few important tips to help you create a Wedding Reception that guests of all ages will never forget!

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The older guests. The last thing you want is to have your grandma shocked by a very modern and highly inappropriate song. Make sure your Central PA DJ Service knows that you only want clean edits of songs on your playlist. You also want to be sure that early in the open dance portion of your dance party your DJ includes genres and eras that will appeal to your older guests.

Generations X, Y and Z may seem very different from afar, but when it comes to parties, they can all find common grounds. They enjoy their Top 40’s music, but they also have tons of fun on rocking out to older songs. Motown, Disco, and songs from the 80’s and 90’s are extremely popular with guests of all ages. The key is to not get stuck in a rut and mix it up.

Some of your older guest may not have the stamina to tear it up on the dance floor all night long so they maybe looking for another way to interact with the other party goers. Believe me when I say that you will have no better value at your wedding than a photo booth!

A photo booth at your Harrisburg wedding will be a magnet for your guests! Young and old all enjoy our premium prop selection and putting together unique and fun outfits. There is no such thing as a slow photo booth at a Harrisburg wedding reception! Case in point, we just pulled the photos from our last wedding. There were 240 photos taken at that wedding!

Planning to invite children at your wedding? They may be (very) young, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to have fun! Provide them with games, coloring books, and even a children’s entertainer – it will make the little ones happier than you think. Plus, it will make their parents happy too, knowing their young ones are safe.

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