2 Tips to Create the best Hagerstown Wedding DJ Playlist

When it comes to planning their Hagerstown wedding most couples are not really certain how to start since they have never planned a wedding or even a major party before, but they certainly know the result that they want. They want their Hagerstown DJ Service to create a killer party where all of their family and friends are having a great time and never want the party to end!

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We are here to help you make sure that you get exactly that! Here are a few tips to keep in mind. If you do these things and the end of the night your guests will be chanting “One more song!”

Be true to yourself!

First and foremost this is your day and your party. You should not be forced to endure your own party. If there is a particular song or genre of music that you hate, let your DJ know. There are so many songs out there you don’t have to play anything you don’t like to have a great party.

If there are songs that are special to you and that you love, be sure to let the DJ know this as well. Try to use as many as possible earlier in the wedding such during the ceremony and thru the dinner hour. Your guests will expect the playlist to reflect your tastes and will enjoy getting to know your taste in music. When the dance session begins your guest will expect to be entertained so keep your selections for this portion of the playlist dance songs.

Appeal to the “skeptics”!

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At every Hagerstown wedding or party there are three types of guests:

1. Dancers – They dance to anything and only stop to take a breath. At a concert these are people in front of the stage dancing the entire night.

2. Sitters – They often love music but prefer to listen and mingle than hit the floor. At a concert these are the people who chair dance and really wish those standing would just sit down.

3. Skeptics – These people love to dance but to songs that they know or know the dance to. They love line dances like the Cupid Shuffle or Cha Cha Slide because the dance lyrics teach the dance. At a concert they stand up and block the view of the sitters during some songs and sit and sing along to others.

The skeptics are the key demographic at your dance party. If your Hagerstown DJ gets these guests on the floor you will have a raging party. Make sure that you set you DJ up for success by allowing him | her to play a mix of the most popular dance classics and a couple of line dances.

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