Planning a Wedding? Read This Before You Start!

As an in demand DJ | Photo Booth provider serving highly populated areas (such as Baltimore MD, Northern VA, and Lancaster PA to name a few), we receive daily inquiries regarding the services that we provide. These inquiries are generally for weddings that are happening six months to two years from now. Every now and then we will receive and inquiry from a couple that is looking for a great DJ for their wedding which is happening in a month! 

Whenever I receive such an inquiry I always wonder what happened. Did life get in the way of planning? Were they unable to decide on the entertainment? Did they make the mistake of hiring a DJ they found on the cheap that has now taken their money and stopped replying to their emails? Unfortunately that last one happens from time to time, and, while unfortunate, it is sometimes a lesson learned about some things being too good to be true. 

More often than not though, waiting too long to decide on entertainment is simply a lack of experience and not knowing the best way to plan a wedding. You don’t do this on a regular basis!

There are many resources available that will offer you advice on how to plan and prioritize your wedding or special event. While I am not saying that I am an authority or more highly qualified than another, I am highly involved in the wedding and event business and do have my opinions on the topic which I am happy to share. 

Start planning your wedding early!

You should begin planning your wedding as soon as you possibly can. This doesn’t mean that you need to rush out and sign contracts right away; it simply means you should start having discussions and making a list of what things need to be decided on and putting that in a priority order. 

That order should be after some discussion in terms of what is most important to you. As you set the order put items into two groups. One group should contain scarcity type items. Examples in this category will be Venue, Photographer, DJ Service, and Videographer. Items that are in ample supply should go onto the second list. This would include items like: floral, décor, and bakery.  

Scarcity items should be your top priority to book. If the venue is the most important and your first priority is a barn venue in Loudon County, VA, then by all means make a list, schedule site visits, and get the location reserved. This is especially true if your date is between April & November on a Saturday!

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There are literally tons of people who take pictures. Heck, I take them all the time! That doesn’t make me a great photographer. The best photographers are not beating the bushes looking for weddings to shoot. The best photographers are in high demand. 

You are only going to get one chance at creating a magnificent portfolio of the greatest day of your life! If this is important to you then it should be near the top of your list of services to secure. 


In my opinion, booking your entertainment provider should be no lower than third on your list. This is not simply because I operate a DJ Service; it is because this service is the only service other than the venue that has a direct impact on your guests’ enjoyment for the duration of your celebration. 

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Often the DJ Service provides music for the ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception. Over the course of the day, your DJ will be in constant contact with your guests and ostensibly a reflection of you and the vibe that you want to create and share with them. 

No other vendor will be as directly responsible for the enjoyment of your guests and determine how long they remain at the event as the DJ Service.  Long after the meal, décor, flowers, and vegetable platter are forgotten, the guests will remember the fun they had celebrating this moment with the two of you.

What should I book first when planning my wedding?

I think I gave away my opinion in the last few paragraphs. 

  • Venue – Why? There is only one of these. When it is booked it is no longer available.

  • Photographer / DJ – In my opinion these are 2a and 2b. Both are extremely important !

  • Everything Else – Prioritize what is important to you and take care of the most important first. Example: Catering, Wedding Dress, & Floral

What you don’t want to be in short supply of is choice! 

The earlier you begin your selection, the more choices you will have. Nothing is more frustrating than weeks of intense research, budgeting, and debating all mean nothing when you find out that your first choices are no longer available. 

It may be a cliché, but when it comes to weddings, the early bird definitely gets the worm. 

Use your resources!

Your vendors can be great resources for you! Take advantage of them. Our company performs at weddings every single weekend. We know lots of people. If you are looking for a great photographer, videographer, or fantastic catering, we know who to call. 

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We hope that you have found this article helpful and if so, we invite you to share it with others. 

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