Plan the BEST Lancaster Wedding Reception Using These Secrets

Your Harrisburg | Lancaster wedding reception should mirror your personality and style, but more than anything, it should be fun and entertaining. It should be the type of event that everyone who attended is glad that they didn’t miss – and the kind that generates smile-inducing memories every time people remember it.

So how do you do that? How do you plan the best wedding reception Lancaster PA has ever seen? How do you create such an awesome event that your guests hate to see it end? We have some “secrets” for you – so read on and find out more.

Make your Lancaster PA wedding ceremony your own.

You are unique and so is your love story. Those you have chosen to share this beautiful Lancaster PA wedding day with you love your uniqueness. While you share an incredible bond with everyone you’ve invited, some you have stayed more closely connected with in recent years. College, work, and life can all impact our ability to see loved ones as often as we would like.

You are together now so take advantage of it. Tell them a little bit about your love story and how you met on your wedding program. Instead of traditional wedding vows write your own and practice them so that when the moment comes to repeat them you don’t need to read them word for word. These are a couple of easy ways to keep your guests entertained and differentiate your ceremony from the others that they have attended.

The music is another way to make your Central PA wedding ceremony unique and interesting. I think many couples choose music for the wedding ceremony because that is “what we are supposed to do” more so than that is the type of music that they connect with. I am not suggesting that you crank Metallica’s “Enter the Sandman” during the prelude but when it comes to the Recessional and you’ve said “I do” to the love of your life the choice is yours. Not only will the guests who know you best think to themselves “Yep, that song is them!” They will appreciate the surprise.

Spice up that Harrisburg PA Cocktail hour!

If you’ve followed our blog you know that we offer a lot of tips for planning, saving money, and a host of other topics for Lancaster wedding and corporate events. One tip mentioned elsewhere I will repeat here: add a live acoustic duo to your cocktail hour!

This is definitely a twist that many of your guests will not have experienced at any wedding! Watching a talented musician perform is very engaging. Why wouldn’t it be? How many people haven’t imagined being able to entertain?

Add Phototainment!

Photo booth technology has come a long way in the last decade! No longer does your Harrisburg photo booth have to be stationary with guests coming to the booth. With the new “Roamer Style” booth you can now get professional quality images by taking the photo booth to your guests! Add our all new booth and our attendant can mingle with guests during cocktail hour and capture fantastic shots.

Think about it, while your photographer is capturing shots of you and the bridal party, you can be getting professional quality spontaneous shots of all of those who have come to celebrate this day with you!

With today’s technology you no longer have to wait to view and share these fun shots! Add our 55” TV screen and during dinner hour you can enjoy a Instagram Live #hashtag party as all of the images captured are streamed during dinner and throughout the event.

Later the photo booth converts to a regular style booth and you will capture more images of your guests using our professional quality prop selection and your custom photo strip.

You can’t get much cooler than that!

Enter to a spot light and then dance on a cloud!

This is your day and you shouldn’t be afraid to let your guests see you take the spot light. Everyone you have invited has come because they are happy for you and enjoy seeing you happy. A spot lighted entrance and | or a dance on the clouds can be done with class and elegance not cheesy. These are two great ways to make your Lancaster wedding unique and personal.

If you feel uncomfortable being the center of attention, you can literally share the spot light with your bridal party. Think about how cool they will feel making a spot lighted entrance. What a cool way to say “thank you” to those closest to you and who have done much to make this event possible!

Dancing under the stars!

This option can be in addition to or instead of the Dancing on a cloud. This creates a jaw dropping lighting effect that transforms the ceiling of the venue to a night time sky with seemingly a million stars in the sky!

This is another shareable option! Imagine your us opening your dance floor with Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect” or Elvis’s “Can’t Help Falling In Love”. The lights go down and they are dancing with the one that they love under a starlit sky. They will never forget that moment!

Another way that this effect can be used if you would like to space it out is to use it for your first dance and then use it again when all married couples are called to the dance floor for and Anniversary Dance. How classy is that and you can be sure that no one you’ve invited has seen that before!

These are a few ways to make your Lancaster Wedding or corporate event unique and memorable. If you select us to provide entertainment for your wedding or holiday party we have many more! We provide DJ | Photo Booth | Lighting Services in Lancaster | Harrisburg | York as well as to clients in Frederick MD | Leesburg VA | Washington DC.

I hope you have enjoyed this article. If you have I hope you’ll share it with others who might find it useful. If you have suggestions for other topics you’d like to learn more about please comment below.