Washington DC DJ Service’s top tip for a unique wedding: Write your own vows!

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As a very active Washington DC DJ Service, we have the pleasure of providing DJ | Photo Booth | Event Lighting Services to many brides and grooms each year. One of the many questions that these DC area brides are asking their DJ Service providers is “How can I make my wedding unique?” One impactful way is by writing your own wedding vows.

What can possibly make your Washington DC wedding more different than expressing your commitment in your own words? For many, the most touching part of the wedding day is the ceremony and the exchange of vows. Often there is never a dry eye in the house as the bride and groom reminisce about the first moment they realized they were in love, or all the quirky things they love about their partner.

Writing your own vows for your wedding is one of the best ways to share your love story with friends and family. It makes guest focus and listen more intently since you are not merely repeating the same traditional vows that they expected to here. It also clearly differentiates your wedding from all of the others taking place not only in the entire Washington DC area, but in the world!

While writing your own wedding vows is a sure-fire hit, some my find it difficult. Not only may you have to contend with writer’s block, there are so many different factors to keep in mind, such as the amount of time you have, the tone you want to hit, and actually confessing your deepest feelings out loud in front of everyone.

If you are thinking about or preparing to undertake this endeavor, here are a few tips to help you craft the vows that will make your DC wedding uniquely you!

Work with your partner.

Many couples want to keep their vows secret until the ceremony, but this doesn’t mean you can’t work with your partner to keep the tone and format consistent. Decide together if the vows will be solely romantic, or have some comedic elements. It is perfectly fine to do your own thing, but many couples find these agreements helpful when it comes to drafting their vows.

If you collaborate on your vows you’ll likely enjoy a few benefits that you wouldn’t experience working alone. Not only will you have an opportunity to reminisce about the experiences, songs, and laughs that you have enjoyed together, the collaborative experience affords you the opportunity to creative another memory.

Allow yourself the time to write.

Looking a blank screen or sheet of paper can be very daunting especially if you don’t write often and even more so if writing has been a practice that you have avoided. Don’t force yourself to craft the final product in a single day. Think about it. Make notes and store them on your cell phone when you get that inspiration or remember that moment.

Be open to receive inspirational thoughts.

Wedding DJ Services in Washington D.C.

How many times have you heard a song and immediately you are mentally transported to that moment in time? You recall where you were, who you were with, and what you were doing. Be aware and just as importantly, capture those moments by making a few notes and maybe event the song title.

As you sit down to produce your final product these notes will be great reference material. If you are still having problems hit play on that song you wrote down and more likely than not, you’ll be well on your way to knowing exactly what to say.

Let it age.

Whatever it is that you have written, let it sit for a day. Don’t try to memorize it just allow it to breath for one entire day. After that day has passed, come back to it. Read it once again. Now read it out loud. Does it convey the message you want to convey to your partner? If not, make a few tweaks and repeat the process.

As you continue to do this the product will get better and better. I promise!

Practice saying your vows aloud.

This is important to not only perfect your delivery, but ensure that you take the right amount of time. Vows should be around 1-2 minutes—any longer and you may start to lose your guests attention. Of course, there are always exceptions to this rule. So, it’s up to you to decide how much time is right for your wedding ceremony.

Just be sure to practice out loud while writing your wedding vows because how quickly you read silently to yourself can be very different from the amount of time it takes to actually say anything out loud. You’ll also want to practice the pacing, because rushed vows just make you seem nervous and lose a lot of the emotional impact.

Be yourself and use your words.

Your family, friends, and even more importantly; your partner, love you for who you are. They know you and they know your voice. As tempting as it may be to incorporate others words such as song lyrics or movie dialogue I would suggest that you resist that temptation. Your voice and your word will resonate more with your guests than the lyrics from even the most prolific songwriter.

If you want to tell your story thru song, your Washington DC DJ Service can certainly do that thru a dedication later in the day.

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