Why a Weekday Frederick Wedding May Be Genius!

As a Wedding DJ & Master of Ceremonies based serving Frederick MD and Loudoun County VA, I can tell you from experience that weekday wedding celebrations are severely underrated. Everyone seems to be aiming for the weekend and like many other things in this world, demand creates the market not the other way around.

I understand why most couples would look only at a Saturday for their Frederick Wedding Celebration, but there are so many benefits to having your wedding during the week. As a person planning a wedding you may not have even considered any other day but Saturday. You may have felt that the only proper day to have a plan a Frederick wedding is on a Saturday.

This blog article is intended to weigh the pros and cons of the scheduling your Frederick Wedding for a weekday. It may change your mind and you may find that a weekday wedding is the perfect choice for you.

Who should not consider a non-Saturday Frederick Wedding?

If most of your guests will be attending from out of town and have a full time job a weekday wedding is probably not the best option. The more sacrifices you require of your guests to attend the less likely they are to do so. In this case you are asking guests to miss at least one day of work and possibly more. You are asking guests to use their vacation time if they have any or go without pay.

Assuming most of your guests are not traveling far distances to attend lets move on the pros of scheduling your Frederick Wedding on a weekday.

Weekday Frederick Wedding Pros

Frederick Weekday Weddings Are More Budget Friendly

Just about everything is cheaper on the weekday: transportation, catering, venues, and possibly some vendors. When there’s less demand, prices get more competitive. In fact, many venues offer discounts on the weekdays. So, if there’s a golf course or vineyard you never thought you could afford, this is your chance.

The truth is, weekday weddings leave extra room in your budget for more exclusive vendors and venues, as well as fun things you knew weren’t going to make the cut. I’m looking at you, photo booth!

Vendors Are Have Better Availability

There are only so many weekends in the year, and just about all of them get booked for weddings. The better Frederick wedding vendors get booked out almost a year in advance, and you’re left settling on something you didn’t really want.


Because fewer couples go for the weekday wedding, these dates are sometimes less expensive and more likely to be available. If you have a dream venue, this may be your only chance to snag it—especially if you’ve procrastinated on the booking.

The Cost of Travel Is Less during the Week

This may go under the “budget-friendly” heading, but I felt it was important enough to mention on its own. If you’re going anywhere outside of town, it may be especially beneficial for you to plan a weekday wedding. Flights and hotels are always cheaper Monday - Thursday. In fact, Wednesday is supposed to be one of the cheapest days to fly!

Some Vendors Offer Extra Incentives for Weekday Weddings

You may not be able to lower the cost of every item or vendor on your Frederick Wedding list but you can often get more for your money which is a close second. Many vendors like to incentivize weekday weddings by offering discounts and special “extras.” A photographer’s wedding package may include extra perks that you would ordinarily have had to pay extra for. Hoping to keep the photographer for longer? Or want any special editing done? Monday-Thursday are typically the best days to look for it.

Weekday Frederick Wedding Cons

Not Everyone Can Go

Unfortunate, but true; some of your guests may have prior commitments on your wedding day and not be able to attend. If your guests have kids, it’s easier to find a babysitter on the weekday, but this is something they may not want to pay for. And if they want to bring their children, they may be more reluctant to do so on a school night.

Workday Traffic

Hello 270! We all know what a crawl this road can become or any accident on 70 east where it is mostly two lanes of traffic. This has to be taken in consideration whenever you are planning for a weekday wedding anywhere in the Frederick MD area.

While long-distance travel is cheaper during weekdays, driving around in the city can be a pain. There’s nothing worse than speeding towards your destination, only to suddenly hit the brakes because you’ve hit rush hour. If you think you can avoid the traffic, then you’re probably forgetting about school traffic, and everyday city traffic. It’s hard to get around it.

You may have to be patient with latecomers. Odds are they just spent 30 minutes in bumper to bumper traffic, trying the rein in their road rage. Nothing a quick trip to the bar won’t solve.


Weekday Weddings Are Less Rowdy Unless Your Wedding is on a Friday

People aren’t as willing to drink and dance the night away on a Tuesday—they just aren’t. Unless everyone takes Wednesday off, you may have a quieter wedding on your hands. While some people may not make it to the wedding due to school and work commitments, others will come but take it easy.

Because of this, I recommend a Friday wedding. It’s the sweet spot. Fridays are still cheaper than the weekends, but you also get a crowd willing to party and celebrate your big day with you properly. When people have the whole weekend to recover, they’re more likely to enjoy themselves.

People Will Talk

There’s always that group of hypercritical, traditional family members who think weddings should only be on the weekends. Don’t ask me why. I don’t get it. Yes, the weekday wedding is slightly more inconvenient, but the day is about the bride and groom. If they want a weekday wedding, they get one—and no one should have any say in it. Find a polite way to let any critical wedding guests know this.

Some people have strong opinions about the weekday wedding, but the only one that matters is yours.

I hope that you have enjoyed this article. If you have please share so that others may benefit as well. Our blog is dedicated to providing useful information and tips for anyone planning or thinking about planning an event.

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