A Sylvanside Farm Barn Wedding | Kaitlin + Paul

Sylvanside Farm located in Loudoun County VA is a beautiful wedding venue. We had the pleasure of providing DJ Services as well as Event Lighting for Kaitlin and Paul’s Wedding.

A special thank you to Sarah Brookhart Photography for the photographs that you see here. Thank you as well to Silver Streak Weddings who provided the full day recap video. Thank you as well to L. Havard Events who served as Kaitlin and Paul’s wedding planner.

The beautiful grounds of Sylvanside Farm were the perfect May backdrop for Kaitlin and Paul to say, “I Do”. This rustic venue tucked away in the quaint town of Purcellville VA has so much to offer! To be graded as “great” by us means you have to have terrific caretakers. Jeff and his wife worked tirelessly through the entire day and night to ensure that the needs of every single guest and vendor were met.

Sylvanside Farm Barn

  Our newlywed’s exchanged their weddings vows under a gorgeous blue sky with a few wispy clouds which offered the welcomed contrast to the bright sunny day that we have enjoyed so seldom this spring. The emotions were running high as Paul cast his gaze upon his bride to be as her father David escorted her down the aisle to a Piano & Cello of “A Thousand Years”.

Sylvanside Farm Barn
Sylvanside Farm Barn
Sylvanside Farm Barn
Sylvanside Farm Barn

  Guests were free to enjoy Cocktail hour with refreshments and a full bar hosted in a smaller barn with numerous high top tables perfect for catching up with family and friends. As a mix of Modern Country Cocktail Hour music filled the air, many guests explored the expansive grounds. The guests delighted in offering treats to the horses. These treats were thoughtfully made available by the Sylvanside Farm hosts.

  One of the highlights for me of any wedding celebration are the welcoming remarks often made by the parents or the bride and groom. The guests seem to enjoy these and the toasts as well. During them you can see guests hanging on every word and can hear a pin drop.

Sylvanside Farm Barn
Sylvanside Farm Barn
Sylvanside Farm Barn
Sylvanside Farm Barn

  I learned thru the toasts and remarks that we celebrated with not only guests who came from across the United States. One couple I spent time with traveled from Spokane Washington, others came from California. Others made the trip from Europe to this small town in Northern Virginia to celebrate this magnificent wedding celebration with Kaitlin & Paul.

  The dance floor was opened immediately as the last notes of the Mother & Son Dance faded out. And when I say “opened”, I mean it opened! Our newlywed’s friends and family came to “celebrate good times” and stayed on the dance floor the entire night enjoying a mixture of Top 40, R & B, Hip-Hop, and a few Latin beats thrown in. The party was so good that everything planned after was pushed back so that the party could keep raging!

I had John DJ and MC our wedding and reception. The set up was wonderful and included the uplighting package.
The music was great to keep the party going and the guests all danced and enjoyed themselves.

Thank you so much John!
— The Knot
Sylvanside Farm Barn

  This wedding was an incredible celebration and we are so lucky that we get to share moments like this with such fantastic people!

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What would your guests say about attending your DC area wedding?

As a professional DC DJ Service, we are constantly striving to improve our skill set and provide a better experience for our clients and their guests. One way that we do this is by investing both time and money to attend DJ Conventions and learn from the wedding vendors and industry experts from across the country.

Wedding DJ Services in Washington D.C.

One seminar that I attended this week I found extremely interesting and share worthy was presented by a certified wedding planner. This presentation consisted of video interviews of brides and grooms who had recently married as well as people who had attended four or more weddings in the last two years. These participants did not grant permission for their video to be shared publicly so therefor I am presenting a written recap of what I learned.

When asked what they remembered most from their wedding the four newlywed couples mentioned the following items:

The Venue: 4 couples

The Music: 4 couples

The Food: 3 couples

The Photo’s: 2 couples

The Décor: 1 couple

The Dress: 1 couple

When the wedding guests were surveyed about the 4 – 8 weddings that they had attended two of the things that they most remembered were unanimous, the food and the music. Two couples specifically mentioned entertainment with one talking about interactive games that were offered and the second about the photo booth experience they had.

Two items were mentioned in a negative way. One was a speaker that did not work for “at least an hour” and the other noticed the lack of décor in the venue.

I think what is obvious from this survey is that the experience is what couples and guests remember most from their wedding day. If I were planning a wedding and I wanted to make sure that my guests felt that this day was special, creating that memorable experience would be my number one priority. My planning process would be tailored to ensure that I budgeted based on priority and secured the most crucial vendors first.

I want to make clear that I don’t necessarily think the order listed by the newly-weds is the right priority for most couples. Having the memories in living color is incredibly important and while photography was only mentioned half the time, I would guess that if respondents had been prompted then likely 100% of them would have said that it was a huge part of their day.

From the wedding guests I think we can see very clearly what matters most to them. They want to have a good meal. They all mentioned the food, but they did not mention that it was necessarily a gourmet dining experience. They all clearly mentioned the entertainment and I think that makes perfect sense. Guests certainly want to share this day with you, but they also want to be entertained over the six – seven hours that they will spend with you that day. Keep in mind, when most of these folks visit your home, they don’t stay for six or seven hours!

I think we can also see that it is important to hire a professional DJ. Imagine if it were your wedding and the speaker was not working for a significant portion of the reception! A professional DJ carries quality back up equipment. An amateur DJ who is charging a few hundred bucks can’t afford to buy one set of quality gear much less two. That is not a slam, it is a fact.

At Perfect Harmony Entertainment our team is dedicated to providing exceptional DJ | Photo Booth | Lighting Services to couples and clients in both the Washington DC | Northern VA and Lancaster | Harrisburg | York markets. Our proprietary planning process makes it easy and fun to create a one of a kind event that fits your style and vibe.

I hope that you enjoyed this article and if you found it helpful, I hope that you will please share. I am always looking to provide content that is relevant and helpful for clients and brides in the Washington DC | Northern Virginia areas. Please comment with any information you would like to learn more about.

Chambersburg Wedding | Kimberly + Pat

This early July wedding ceremony and reception took place at the K.O.C Hall in Chambersburg. The Franklin County area offers a variety of private clubs to host your event. For couples who want to reallocate or stretch their wedding budget, these private clubs can be the perfect budget friendly option.

Kim and Pat’s wedding was held completely indoors. That was extremely beneficial for the guests and the timeline as any outdoor wedding in Chambersburg on this day would be impacted by both extreme heat and humidity and extreme storms! Protected from the elements, the Kelley’s offered their guests a fun up-beat reception from start to finish.

The ceremony featured “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri as the Processional Song. The Recessional Song was a selection by Scotty McCreery “This Is It”. This is not a song that I have used for the Recessional before but the lyric is perfect for this moment!

The songs selected for the Grand Entrances required no setting of cue points. Every song chosen featured and iconic opening riff that is unmistakable. From the guitar solo to start “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor to the “Peace up, A-Town” cold open by Usher on “Yeah”, the guests knew each tune from the opening note.

The dance portion of the wedding reception was an open format which allowed DJ Derek to play a wide variety of eras and genres and keep all of the guests engaged and partying until the very end of the evening.

Music serves as the driving force behind an unforgettable wedding experience! Perfect Harmony Entertainment is dedicated to providing our couples and clients with exemplary service to help them create fantastic events!

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This convenient location permits us to offer wedding DJ | Photo Booth | Event Lighting services to clients from Washington DC to Frederick MD, as well as wedding DJs for couples celebrating in Lancaster and Harrisburg PA.

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