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6 Tips to Book the Perfect DJ for Your Harrisburg Christmas Party

Are you planning a Holiday, Christmas, or New Year’s party and planning to have a DJ provide the entertainment? Perhaps you want to know how to get the best value for your party budget. If your Christmas or New Year’s party is taking place in Harrisburg | Lancaster PA or even in Frederick MD | Northern VA, you have come to the right place! Listed below are some tips to find and hire the best DJ for your celebration and make your party legendary!

1. Get an early start on securing your Harrisburg DJ!

There is a reason that this is the first tip in throwing the perfect Lancaster Holiday Party. To summarize the world of Harrisburg DJs using the words of Yogi Berra: “It gets late early around here!” Look at the calendar. Can you believe summer is over already?

Not only does time “fly” there is a supply and demand issue at work here. Not only are there a limited amount of great DJs you will want to host your Frederick Christmas Party, there are a finite amount of dates in which to have it.

There are only 4 Friday’s and Saturday’s available between Thanksgiving and Christmas. That is a total of 8 days if you want your party to take place on a weekend. Of course is you are looking for a DJ for your New Years party in the Harrisburg area, there is only a single day for that event.

With so many companies large and small as well as individuals and communities throwing a Christmas bash and searching for the best DJs for their budgets, time is not on your side. The earlier you get started the better your selection and potential value will be.

2. Paralysis by analysis is a very real thing.

If you have read many of my prior blog posts you know that I am a frugal person. I am not cheap; I just simply want to get value for my money. I encourage you to do your research. You are reading this blog post so you are doing research at this very moment.

What you shouldn’t do is spend so much time trying to decide what to do that you miss the opportunity to get who you wanted. Do your research, interact with potential DJs and go with your gut instinct. Your instinct will generally lead you in the right direction.

3. Decide on what things are most important to your Frederick Holiday Party success.

There are two ways to make any purchasing decision. You can predetermine a budget for every aspect of the Frederick Holiday party including the DJ and then try to find a DJ Service who will work for that amount, or you can prioritize all of the things that make up a successful event and hire them in the order of importance. As you allocate your total party budget there will be less funds available but these are the items that are less important. Who knows, you may actually decide you don’t really need them are all to make your event a success.

By prioritizing your list: DJ, Venue, Food, Décor, etc. you will never have the regret of: “I can’t believe I spent $300 on party favors that no one took home! For $300 I could have hired that DJ Service I really liked instead of settling.”

4. Book with a Harrisburg DJ Company that has experience.

This can’t be emphasized enough. This is a professional event that reflects not only the company but the people who planned it. Don’t spend your time comparing rates with the mom and pop DJs of the market, make the booking process easy by sending a email to Perfect Harmony Entertainment and we’ll start the headache free process: john@perfectdj.net.

What’s perhaps more important is when you invest in Perfect Harmony Entertainment, you’ll find our company is a multi-op, meaning there’s no wasting time trying to find the perfect DJ for your needs. We use a state of the art planning tools that will make creating the perfect custom event stress free and easy.

5. Explore off peak Frederick DJ Service options.

Need to stretch your budget or want to get even more value from it? Think about throwing your bash on a day other than Saturday or Sunday.

The event business is a supply and demand business like many other businesses are. Looking to go to Ocean City MD during in July? Plan to spend triple what that same condo will cost to rent in October. Planning a wedding? Expect to pay considerably more to host it at Moonstone Manor in September versus February. The same is true of days of the week. Given their choice, most people will want their Frederick Christmas Party to take place on a Friday or Saturday.

Due to simple supply and demand, the holiday season necessitates a premium due to the sheer amount of Christmas parties going on all around one month. It never hurts to explore different dates and times. You may get a better rate or you may get way more for the same money such as additional hours, lighting, or other services that you couldn’t fit into your budget otherwise.

6. Book your Harrisburg Christmas or New Years party DJ with Perfect Harmony Entertainment!

Yes, it is shameless self promotion, but we like to think we know almost everything when it comes to booking the right DJ for any event of any size. We would love to celebrate with you, your co-workers, and your friends!

Contact Perfect Harmony Entertainment today and let us help create the perfect holiday party for your business.