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Keep Your Lancaster Party Guests Cool With These Cocktail Options

Summer weddings in the Lancaster | York | Harrisburg area are massively popular! The sunny blue skies make for beautiful photo’s. There is no doubt though that wedding goers in Lancaster PA may have to deal with high heat and humidity.

If you are trying to keep guests comfortable at a warm weather celebration like a spring or summer wedding, or you're just hoping to surprise your attendees with an inventive signature cocktail, frozen drinks are a great way to spice up your big day's libation menu. They're fun, they're flavorful, and they're extra refreshing, too—what's not to love?

When you see the term "frozen drinks," a seaside resort might be the first thing that comes to mind. Those are definitely an option, and look fantastic in photographs. Keep in mind that there are more options beyond frozen margaritas and daiquiris. Childhood favorites such as like slushies, milkshakes, or even sippable snow cones are among the options you have to create a unique Lancaster cocktail menu. Throw in some alcohol, and these all become beloved "adult" treats.

Use your google finger to research. Choose creative flavors, work with colorful ingredients, and serve the stuff in unique vessels, and you've got yourself an amazing menu addition! Think of all of the fun you can have leading up to your big day trying these out!

Once you've picked the drink (or drinks) that you want to offer to your Lancaster party guests, it's time to decide on when to serve. Cocktail hour is an obvious choice, but there are other opportunities throughout your special day, as well. If it is one of those “feels like 100+” days, kick off the proceedings with a pre-ceremony beverage. Trust me, you guests will thank you! These can also make for unique night caps at your after-party.

Too get your search started here are a few video.

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