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5 Tips from a Harrisburg DJ to Create a Legendary Party or Wedding Reception!

Whether you are planning a corporate holiday party in Harrisburg PA or a wedding in Lancaster one of the concerns you likely have is “How do I ensure that all of the guests have a great time and enjoy themselves?” That is a legitimate concern. After all, you don’t throw these bashes every day and when you do, you certainly want it to be remembered for all of the right reasons.

If you are planning a wedding or party in the Harrisburg | York | Lancaster area and you are searching for how to create a legendary event, this article is for you! Listed below are ideas and suggestions that will ensure that your event is the talk of the town!

Hire a great Harrisburg DJ Service!

Nothing and I do mean nothing, has a greater impact on the enjoyment of your guests than the DJ. We have thrown raging parties in a state park pavilion with homemade food. The venue can certainly provide a lavish setting for your guests but the “Wow” factor of the venue wears off faster than you think.

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Don’t get me wrong. Mansion venues and the like are fantastic and we are blessed to have so many in the York and Lancaster area! That said, unless it was an all-inclusive resort that catered to your every need, how long did the last vacation rental keep you engaged? If it was a horrible experience or way over the top it is likely a vivid memory. If it was ok you likely tell your vacation story something like this: Friend – “Where did you stay at Ocean City | Myrtle Beach? You: “We stayed at ________.” Friend – “How was it?” You: “Oh it was really nice. The beds were comfortable and getting our stuff in was easy.” In summation, it likely was not the high light of your trip.

Your guests will be impacted by your DJ Service from the moment they enter the venue and until they leave. There is no substitute for a great musical soundtrack and a DJ who can ready your crowd and know not only what to play but when to play it. Now is not the time to settle. Our motto is “We help people create legendary events. Compromise some place else”

Add a Harrisburg Photo Booth Service!

We live in the selfie age. Your guests love taking and having their picture taken. Look at the popularity of Instagram and Snapchat. Who doesn’t have a Social Media profile these days?

A photo booth is a magnet for guest interaction. Seldom do you see an individual using a photo booth alone. It is always a group. It also allows multiple generations an activity that they can do together. This type of interaction will not happen on the dance floor and certainly not chatting over dinner. Interactions that your photographer is simply not going to capture because they are spontaneous and fun, not posed.

A photo booth creates instant memories of your celebration that guests can take with them and enjoy. What do you think they will remember more: A $5 trinket or packaged party favor or

photo’s of you and them having a blast that will live on their fridge or office cubicle for years to come? It may come as a surprise but the cost of a photo booth is not much more the cost of those party favors half of which get left behind at the end of the night.

Add some awesome party games to your Harrisburg Corporate Party!

There are a multitude of game options for you and your guests. We offer all of the following:

Jumbo Sized Games: Connect Four, Kerplunk, and Jumbo Jenga

Retro Arcade Games: Classic arcade style games that are perfect for 80’s throwback parties.

Yard Games: Ladder Ball, Corn Hole, Ring Toss, and Kanjam

Table Games: Foosball, Air Hockey, Basketball Shooting Arena

There are a ton of options for your guests who don’t enjoy dancing or would simply like to enjoy some time with other guests at your party. These are especially great for corporate events where you need and ice breaker before the dance party heats up.

Hire an experienced Harrisburg Karaoke provider!

This form of entertainment often gets a bad rap. The success or failures of this form of entertainment it dependent upon the skill of the DJ not the singing talent of your guests. The DJ needs to know when to kick this off, how to kick it off, and when to segue back to dance music. If you have a skilled DJ this can be great, if you have a DJ that is not familiar with karaoke, has an aversion to it, cannot sing, is not comfortable on the microphone, or would rather hide behind their DJ booth and play songs; karaoke will either fizzle or outright flop.

We have a team of DJs. We only have two DJs that I would send to an event that wanted to add karaoke to their party. Why? Because most people simply are not a good fit for it.

Spice up the menu of your wedding reception with fun foods & drinks!

Instead of settling for the same old cake or cup cake dessert option that everyone else offers their guests why not offer them something savory and unique like our mini- donut bar? Cooked before their very eyes and consisting of 20 varieties, the donut bar provides another form of entertainment.

Signature cocktails, a frozen cocktail menu, and adult snow balls are also great options. These provide fun colors that will look great in the after photos and elevate your event beyond the open bar.

I hope that you have enjoyed this article. If you have please share so that others may benefit as well. Our blog is dedicated to providing useful information and tips for anyone planning or thinking about planning an event.

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We help people create legendary events. Compromise some place else.

5 Awesome Tips to Keep Kids Happy at your Hershey Wedding!

As an active DJ Service provider in the Hershey area, we perform at a variety of events. While weddings are our staple and our DJ team does them weekly in Lancaster, York, Dauphin, and Franklin counties, we DJ for other event types as well.

We provide DJ services and entertainment for corporate clients such as Summit Healthcare and Carnegie Mellon University. We also provide DJ and Photo Booth services to the Department of Health & Human Services for the State of Maryland. This is in addition providing DJ and even Karaoke Services for private events such as Anniversary, Birthday, and Holiday parties.

This vast experience is invaluable in helping us be the expert that our couples and clients need us to be when assisting them with their event. We are trained and prepared to handle all types of situations and one of the most important is how to keep older and younger guests happy when children attend an “adult event”.

You don’t want your older guests to take the early bus and you want the children to be happy and content. We have all heard how Hershey Park is a happy place, here are a few suggestions that will make the kiddos think that your party is a pretty cool place to hang as well.

Give them some space!

Organize a special space just for the youngest guests. They will feel a lot more comfortable among those who are the same age. Plus, this gives you plenty of freedom to organize a play space that really keeps the little ones entertained and safe.

Play dress up!

You and your guest s will be dressed up, allow the kids to dress up too! Provide them with dress-up costumes. No matter how old they are, kids will always love dress-up games so this is definitely a great idea. With a few princesses, superhero and other costumes, your very young guests will have the time of their lives. As an added bonus you have the best photographer you will likely ever have on hand to capture what are sure to be cherished photos!

Think about that for a minute. You could have portrait quality photos that parents would typically pay hundreds of dollars and a trip to a studio to get. What great gifts these would make!

Get Crafty!

Offer some craft supplies. Many kids love coloring and crafts so why wouldn’t you organize a space where they can leave their creativity roam free? This is a wonderful way of making sure they are having fun, just like their parents are.

Create A Chill Zone!

Organize a small relaxation space too. Reward the children’s good behavior by providing them with comfortable cushions, some popcorn and a movie – they will love the idea, and their parents will have fun knowing their kids are safe.

Hire a photo booth!

A photo booth with cool props is something that all of your guests will enjoy especially the youngest. They absolutely love creating the outfits and having their pictures taken. A photo booth rental is also an excellent way for older and younger guests to enjoy the moment together.

I hope that you have enjoyed this article. If you have please share so that others may benefit as well. Our blog is dedicated to providing useful information and tips for anyone planning or thinking about planning an event.

At Perfect Harmony Entertainment we provide exceptional DJ | Photo Booth | Lighting | Amusement services to clients in the four state area. Our dedicated team of DJs perform at events in Hershey | York | Lancaster as well as Washington DC | Northern VA | Frederick MD and all neighboring areas.

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6 Reasons New Year's Eve Weddings Rock!

As an active Harrisburg | York Wedding DJ, we are celebrate with brides and grooms all year long! While we are blessed to be busy providing music and Photo Booth Services throughout the entire year, the majority of wedding celebrations occur from April thru November.

During December and especially the week of Christmas, when couples think about weddings they are typically thinking about engagements. In fact, Christmas day is the most popular day of the year to propose. The 2nd most popular is Valentine’s Day followed by Christmas Eve. While holiday’s like these three are exceptionally romantic, see the 24/7 cycle on the Hallmark Channel; not enough people appreciate how amazing a wedding can be this time of year.

According to major wedding sites such as The Knot, December is the least popular month of the entire year to get married. This makes sense with many folks enjoying Thanksgiving and Christmas with their immediate family, however, there is one day that makes a great option, and that is the last day in December.

New Year’s Eve is a great day to get married! I think that it is a highly underrated day for a wedding and I have a compiled a list of reason’s you might want to consider this date for your York area wedding.

Everyone is ready to party on New Year’s Eve!

If there is one day when everyone it is ready to party, it’s New Year’s Eve! Many of your guests look forward to this night all year, especially parents with children at home. This is one day of the year that it is socially acceptable for people of all ages to stay up all night and have fun.

No one will want to take the early bus!

Your guests will be planning to ring in the New Year with you. This is the one day out of the year when nearly everyone is planning to be up until at least midnight. It is actually a bit strange to go to bed before the ball drops in Times Square. Think of how great and experience it will be for your guests to celebrate with the people they know rather than in some non-descript night club that they won’t remember next year.

You have a built in Harrisburg | York Wedding Theme!

Planning the décor and theme for the day is so easy! Take your vibe and theme and combine them with a New Year’s celebration and you have created something very unique that cannot be duplicated. Getting married on a holiday not only makes creating a theme much easier, it can also allow you the ability to do more for less. Just think of all of the New Year’s party supplies that are available everywhere at all price points.

You can’t “over do it”!

Glitter, bubbles, dancing on the cloud, dancing under the stars, silver, gold, and bight lights – no matter the venue, you can go all out and no one will bat an eye.

Your guests will enjoy the fact that they can be as glamorous as they want and wear the attire that they have never had an opportunity to wear. Nothing is too tacky.

You’ll never forget your anniversary!

Not only will you never forget your anniversary, but now that you’ve got a built in excuse to throw a big party every year! While you may choose to spend your anniversary alone as a couple, you will always have the option and the reason to celebrate with friends and family.

The Countdown

This is the most anticipated portion of any New Year’s Eve party. The moment when everyone stops what they’re doing and counts down to the New Year is absolutely magical. When you get married on New Year’s Eve, you’ll get to experience the magic of New Year’s Day side-by-side with the magic of your marriage.

Additionally, you can guarantee that you’ll be surrounded by friends and family during a time of the year that everyone wants to be surrounded by loved ones. And, when the clock strikes midnight? Well, that’s up to you. But the number of possibilities is endless.

Wedding DJ Services in York County PA

Not only is getting married on New Year’s Eve very symbolic. It’s the beginning of a New Year, as well as your life together. Who could resist that amount of romance?

As a Wedding DJ & Master of Ceremonies, I love it when couples choose to get married on New Year’s Eve. It’s always a time of happiness and revelry. Guests are ready to celebrate and dance the night away. Not only that, but combining your special day with one of the most magical nights of the year can only enhance both.

Not enough people appreciate the genius of getting married on New Year’s Eve, so I hope this article has made a good argument in defense of the New Year’s wedding. Have any additional thoughts about getting married on New Year’s Eve? Let me know below.

Music serves as the driving force behind an unforgettable wedding experience! Perfect Harmony Entertainment is dedicated to providing our couples and clients with exemplary service to help them create legendary events!

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