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Top 10 Reasons to Hire a Professional DJ for Your Frederick Wedding

Congratulations, you did it! You are engaged to the love of your life and have started the planning process for your Frederick wedding. There are so many things to do now and a lot of choices to make. One of the choices you will have to make is deciding on what kind of entertainment to have. While bands were once the popular choice of entertainment for weddings, most couples in the Frederick MD | Leesburg VA have a DJ | MC Service perform for them on their big day. When selecting a DJ for your Frederick wedding, you must be very careful on picking the right entertainment company for the job; You will want a group that has a great deal of wedding experience, quality sound equipment, and music knowledge. You also want your Frederick DJ to have the talent and personality to make sure one of the most important days of your life goes exactly as you have planned and that all of your guests regardless of ages, has a fantastic time!

If you want your night to be a magical night to remember, using your cousin’s high school band, your best man’s iPod, or hiring the cheapest DJ on Craigslist is not going to cut it. As with most things in life, you get what you pay for. There are times to be frugal and there are times to get what you’ve paid for rather than crossing your fingers and hoping you’ve found a great deal.

You shouldn’t discount Bungee jump, take a chance on a new seafood restaurant for your anniversary dinner, or put your wedding day in the hands of an amateur DJ.

Here are 10 reasons why hiring a professional DJ for your Frederick wedding will be a sound investment:


If you are looking for a DJ Service you are likely ankle deep in the planning stages of your Frederick wedding and are seeing just how much work is involved. Even what you might describe as a “cozy, quaint little wedding” can be a part-time job!


A professional wedding DJ will walk you through the process and make sure you aren’t missing any important details like song selections, when songs get played and for how long, what songs not to play. A DJ who is active in the Leesburg VA | Frederick MD area knows what songs are hot and what songs are not. They know how to work a dance floor and keep your guests partying until the last song is played.

A professional wedding DJ Service doesn’t simply play songs. A DJ just plays songs. A professional wedding DJ helps you craft a timeline, serves as the Master of Ceremonies. Works with all of the other professional vendors that you’ve chosen to ensure the day goes off like a well choreographed event.


There are seemingly millions of songs in this world and selecting the right songs for your wedding is a huge task! There is an average of 15-18 songs an hour that get played during the dance portion of your reception and in order to keep everyone happy and excited, they all have to be killer. Most weddings have a wide range of ages and it can be difficult to please everyone at the same time since each generation has their favorite dance tunes. A professional Frederick wedding DJ can take your requests and weave them into crowd pleasing favorites that bridge your group together. This is the difference between a packed dance floor and a sparse dance floor with only a handful of people on it. Which one do you want in your wedding photo album?


There is nothing worse than going to a wedding where the wireless microphone keeps cutting out, the speakers sound like they are blown, or your guests in the back of the room can’t hear a thing because the sound system is weak. A professional wedding DJ Service will arrive early to your venue and setup the right gear in the best location for optimal sound. We only use top of the line sound equipment, brands like Denon, Shure, and Electro Voice, to make sure it creates the perfect audio atmosphere for your guests.

True pros also have backup equipment available in case something were to go wrong on the day such as a guest spilling a drink on the equipment, etc. Perfect Harmony Entertainment has something you’ll never get from the guy on Craigslist, back up DJs in case of an accident or something unfortunate on the day of your wedding.



Sure, you could have a family friend setup some speakers and play some songs off an mp3 player, but there is no substitute for a real DJ. A Professional Frederick DJ Service will have DJs can read a room and play the right song, at the right time. They’ll have experience in keeping the night moving along and making necessary announcements to let people know what is happening and when. A professional DJ organizes guests for speeches, wedding entrances, and traditional formalities.

Weddings can be an occasion where people drink, party, and get loose, and it’s good to have someone who is all business and not participating in the festivities.


No matter what you are shopping for you can find a wide range of prices. Are you looking for a new hand bag? You can find dozens at WalMart for $29.99. The cheapest one at the “Coach” Store will cost many times that. Looking for a car? A used Kia Sedan at Carmax can be had for less than ten grand. A new BMW will likely be five times that amount.

The old saying “you get what you pay for” couldn’t be truer when it comes to hiring the professionals for such a special occasion. You can find cheap food to feed your guests. You can find a cheap photographer to take the pictures. And, you can certainly find a cheap DJ. Most likely you would be sacrificing experience, equipment, and peace of mind of having someone who won’t disappear a week before the wedding day.

The average wedding in Frederick MD and Northern VA is in the neighborhood of $32,000 according to the latest data available on line. The Knot and Wedding Wire, two of the most widely respected sites in the wedding industry recommend allocating 8 – 10% of your wedding budget for your entertainment. Our quotes are customized to the wants and needs of our couples so you will not find our prices in this blog however, we are less than those percentages and represent a tremendous value.

Don’t take my word for it. Read our reviews!


There seem to be two types of wedding DJs in this world. I’m sure you’ve seen the first type…the “Cheesy” traditional wedding DJ that talks heavily on the microphone and continually creates crowd interaction by announcing songs, playing games, talking to guests, cracking jokes, and generally over-using the microphone in a lame attempt to help move the night along.

The second type of wedding DJ is a contemporary-styled DJ that is more reserved on the microphone. This DJ makes announcements only when necessary. This DJ will play a seamless mix of classic and current hits, and tends to blend into the background of the wedding and not be a focal point.

Our DJ team at Perfect Harmony Entertainment takes pride in being the latter type of wedding DJ. Our DJs have years of experience not only playing private events, but also playing in public venues where it is frowned upon to be a “Cheesy” DJ. They are used to mixing songs and creating a soundtrack for listeners to focus just on the music, and not the person playing it.

We let the music do the talking!


You will spend countless hours picking the perfect colors, the perfect flowers, the perfect lighting, and the perfect pair of shoes for your big day. Why shouldn’t you also pick a DJ that cares just as much as you do about the “look” of your event? A professional wedding DJ will be groomed and wear the appropriate clothing to match your wedding.

If your wedding is a beach theme and you want us in shorts and flip flops, no problem! We can do that too!

The appearance of the DJ’s equipment should also be import. The equipment is should be clean, with little or no wires in site, and their DJ area is clutter free. We care just as much as you do about how our DJ area looks in your photos!



Unless you are having your ceremony, cocktail hour, dinner, and dancing, all in the same room, you are going to need someone with the experience and the right equipment to handle multiple areas at your wedding. Music, lapel, and handheld microphones need to be available on cue as guests get shuffled from one area to the next and having everything setup by a professional is really the only way to handle this.

Good microphones are critical. Good microphones are in a word EXPENSIVE! A cheap DJ will not have good microphones I can promise you that! Don’t take my word for how important this is. Ask your officiant or ask your videographer how important quality microphones are. A cheap and good microphone is a unicorn— they don’t exist.


You want the perfect day? We want it too. We understand the importance of making sure each and every detail is taken care of. We spend hours prior to your wedding compiling music, testing equipment, contacting vendors, going over the timeline, rehearsing announcements, etc. so that there are no surprises. Because we have spent so much time organizing your wedding before hand, there will be no need to bother you on the day of with questions or issues and you can kick back and enjoy every minute. Just like a firework, your Frederick wedding will be over in a flash!


While no one forgets an amazing weddings. Nobody forgets really bad weddings either! A professional wedding DJ Service can help make a good wedding great. We can’t tell you how many times we’ve been told: ” You guys were incredible! Everybody was on the dance floor the whole time!” “Everyone kept talking about how good you were at the wedding!” Our reviews don’t lie. Make your night a night to remember (in a good way!)

Tips to Ensure that No One Takes the “Early Bus” from your Frederick MD Wedding!

We have attended and performed at our fair share of Frederick MD weddings and corporate events over the years. Our goal as a Frederick DJ Service provider is for our couples to get more than their money’s worth and to help create their dream wedding or corporate event. One measure of success is that the guests enjoy their time and leave saying this is one of the best weddings they have ever attended not only in Frederick, but anywhere.

Whether or not your Frederick holiday party or wedding celebration is legendary is a result of the quality of DJ Service you choose to perform at your event. The DJ has to own quality tools (sound equipment and music), and have the skills and experience to use them to produce a great result. You can have an amazing venue with a terrific food menu but like everything else in life, you generally get what you pay for. If you go Craigslist cheap on the DJ the odds are not in your favor that you are going to get an amazing result.

Let’s use the food analogy as an example. You decide you would like to serve Filet Mignon to your guests. You can spring for the very best aged beef you can buy. But, if that steak is prepared by a unskilled hands whose culinary skills end at Red Baron Pizza and microwave ready Macaroni and Cheese, my guess is if the meal is even edible it has to be considered a success.

Assuming that you have done your due diligence and selected a quality Frederick DJ for your corporate party or wedding celebration there are a few other things that you can do to set him/her up for party success. Here are a few of the most important.

Don’t try to pick every song or dictate the order in which they are played.

This is your Frederick wedding and you should certainly get the type of vibe and genres of music that you want to share with your guests. If you hate Country Music then you should not have to listen to it on your day! There are tons of other genres at the DJs fingertips that will pack your dance floor all night long.

Kelley Phil s Wedding-10 All the dancing-0048.jpg

You should by all means give your Frederick DJ a list of what the types of music and some specific songs that you like and those that you don’t. What you should not do however is restrict the DJ from using their tools to create magic for you. For a DJ, songs are tools. Every time you take a song or genre away, you are removing a tool from their tool box. If you remove too many tools then the DJ may be left with only hammers when what they really need is a screwdriver.

A DJ needs to have the freedom to read and react to the crowd to keep them engaged. Your song list may have the perfect songs but to succeed they need to be played at the right time.

Add variety to your playlist.

Keep in mind that you will likely have multiple generations at your holiday party, birthday party, or wedding event. While you may not be able to get enough R & B and Hip – Hop that may not be the favorite dance music for all of your guests. Don’t get me wrong, the right song played at the right time will pack the dance floor with people of all ages!

When the time is right, moving into a R&B and Hip-Hip set will fire up the crowd and have the dance floor mobbed. However, that is generally not the case immediately after dinner when guests haven’t warmed up. That doesn’t mean that you need to endure 30 minutes of slow dance music. It simply means allowing your DJ to play a variety of hit songs from a variety of genres.

We have learned that people who like Motown music generally like Bruno Mars. Those who like Funk also like R & B and Hip-Hop. There are tons of examples and there have been a large number of songs and singers that have become cross over hits.

To keep you guests partying all night allow your Frederick DJ to play some tunes that they know will appeal to large segments of the crowd.

“Let them eat cake” but a bit later!

Every vendor or service you hire has a purpose and an agenda. Whether you are using the in house catering of your Frederick venue or someone you have personally selected their success is measured on the quality of the meal and promptness of delivery. If they get those two things right, they will get raving five star reviews and deservedly so. That is what they focus on and not your dance floor.


Their mission is to complete their job which includes clean up as soon as they possibly can. Doing so has a direct impact on their profit and loss since they typically pay their staff by the hour not by the event. Typically the last food event at a wedding is the cake cutting ceremony. So, what does the cake cutting have to do with the success of your party?

Let’s think about your timeline for a moment. Assume that your ceremony is taking place at the Frederick venue at 4 pm. Your guests arrive at 3:30 and mingle for 30 minutes until the wedding ceremony is over at 4:30. At 4:30 they mingle for another hour as you and the families have photos taken.

At 5:30 cocktail hour is over and your guests move into the reception area and await your Grand Entrance. After they welcome you they listen to a few toasts, watch your first dance and your parent dances, and enjoy dinner as they converse with those at their table. This portion takes about an hour if food comes out quickly, an hour and a half if it doesn’t. Dinner wraps up around 6:30 – 7:00 pm.

By now your guests have been either mingling or sitting for 3.5 – 4 hours! Many have probably exhausted every light conversational topic they have and are now deciding if they should share their political or religious opinions. In a word, they are bored. What they are really deciding is if this party is their scene or not.

Odds are high that if it were left up to them, the catering team wants that cake cut as close to 7 pm as possible. They then slice the cake to be served. Your guests grab a slice and as the catering team clears their plates, 50% of your guests say good bye and leave. Why would the guests do that? Because they are bored and they have not been given a reason to stay.

Allowing your DJ to play for 30 – 45 minutes will prevent guests from leaving early.

A typical song is 3 – 4 minutes long. Every wedding will have guests from multiple generations. If you have heeded my earlier suggestion your playlist includes a variety of genres and eras of music. It is important that you guests have the time to hear this variety. I have learned that guests are quick to jump to conclusions. If they hear only three or four songs before the cake is cut they will often conclude that is only type of music they will hear for the rest of the night. Once they have finished dessert they feel that there is little reason for them to stay.

Giving your DJ enough time to play a variety of genres will deliver the message to your guests that they are going to hear more than one style of music and they will have the opportunity to dance to the songs they love.

You have waited a long time for this day and have given a lot of thought to whom you wanted to share this day with. The last thing you want is for them to leave before the party really gets started. By giving a bit of thought to the playlist and making a small adjustment to the timeline, you can set yourself up for a killer party! Of course, you will still need a great DJ service to pull it all off. It just so happens I know a company like that!

Planning A Hagerstown or Frederick Wedding? Here is Your Ultimate Guide to Create a Killer Playlist!

We provide Wedding DJ Services for many couples in the Hagerstown and Frederick MD areas on a weekly basis. The DJ experience gained by celebrating in Hagerstown and Frederick with so many couples and their guests has given our team great insight into what it takes to create a killer party!

At PHE we feel that most of the brides and groups that we provide Wedding DJ Services for do not want a “McWedding” where their Hagerstown wedding is exactly like the wedding we did last week. We have learned that is true of nearly all weddings we DJ in Frederick, Harrisburg, Lancaster, or all of the other areas we serve. Having exactly the same special wedding day as someone else doesn’t make it all that special.

One of the ways to ensure that the Disc Jockey makes your Hagerstown or Frederick Wedding different is through your music selections. Other than your wedding day, I cannot think of any other time in life where a soundtrack is played for everything you do for six hours! It is a very unique day in your life and a way to make it more unique is thru the songs you include in your musical score.

With so many song choices out there it can be a bit challenging to know where to start in curating your list. Below are some suggestions that we have gained through being the wedding DJ Service for couples in the Hagerstown and Frederick areas on a regular basis.

The DJ will score various “scenes” at your Hagerstown wedding celebration.

Your Hagerstown wedding will be much like a movie. It will have romantic scenes such as the ceremony. It will have upbeat toe – tapping, finger – snapping moments such as cocktail hour. Later it will have a full on raging dance party!

This allows you a lot of freedom in selecting specific songs or genres that you really like and fit the vibe that you are looking to share with your Hagerstown Wedding guests. Obviously the song selections will not be the same for both the dinner hour and the dance party so you have plenty of opportunity for your Hagerstown DJ Service to play the your mellow song favorites as well as your toe tapping and full on dance mode jams.

How do I make the best playlist selections for my Hagerstown Wedding?

When selecting songs for any portion of your Hagerstown/Frederick Wedding celebration we like to remind our couples to keep in mind that this is their day! If you’ve done it right, there will never be another day like this one. Don’t focus merely on what the majority of people do, focus on what you want.

It bothers me when I read or hear about regrets that couples have after their wedding. That they wish they had spent more money on this and not that. That they wish they had made different choices. It bothers me even more when I hear that the decision they regret was made due to outside influences. The reason this bothers me so much is that, no matter how you look at it, weddings are expensive and likely the most expensive party you will ever throw. It also bothers me because this is a once in a lifetime event that will never happen again.

Build a team of wedding professionals that you trust. The more members of your Hagerstown wedding team that are solid professionals who work at this every single weekend the more resources your have. Of course resources all only valuable if you use them. Do not be hesitant to seek the advice of others. This means getting more than one opinion on your decisions.

If you decide to use a wedding planner to assist you with planning your event, you should definitely take their suggestions seriously. You should also however discuss it with the vendor you have entrusted to take care of that portion of the celebration for you.

For example, assuming you made photography a priority on you budget list, you likely spent time researching in order to make the best hiring decision you could. For any decisions made regarding the time allotted or scheduled for photography why wouldn’t you discuss it with the person you have chosen to perform the service? Too often I have learned that many of the regret couples have regarding their weddings were avoidable had they only discussed them with the person providing the service.

What song types should make your Hagerstown Wedding DJ playlist?

As mentioned above there are many segments to your wedding. You’ll have the Ceremony which is broken into segments: The Prelude as your guests arrive to the site of your ceremony. There will be the Processional which is when the Bridal Party and the Bride walk down the aisle. Lastly there will be the Recessional which is after the kiss as the Bride and Groom walk out of the Wedding Ceremony. Occasionally a Hagerstown Wedding Ceremony may include a DJ playing a song for a Unity Candle or the pouring of Sand.

The processional, recessional, and unity candle events are all typically single songs. These are very personal songs and typically brides and grooms have no difficulty in choosing songs for these events.

The Prelude portion offers the opportunity to select the most songs. The Prelude will last 30 minutes as your guests mingle and then find their seats for the ceremony. A 30 minute set of songs is anywhere from 7 – 10 songs depending on the songs length. When choosing the music for the prelude keep in mind that you likely will not hear much or any of the songs played by the DJ during your Hagerstown Wedding Prelude.

Typical genres chosen are:

Vitamin String Quartet, The Piano Guys, or any other instrumental only versions of popular songs like “A Thousand Years” or “I Can’t Help Falling In Love”.

Classical orchestral selections from Bach, Mozart, or Handel.

Country Music is very popular at Hagerstown weddings and there are many artists and songs that are perfect for this portion of your wedding.

Top 40 and Pop easy listening selections from artists such as Ed Sheeran, Boyce Avenue, and Sam Smith are also popular prelude music selections.

Each of these genres creates a different atmosphere than the others. My suggestion is to look at the songs that make up your must play list. Take the mellow songs from the list and group them into two groups. Group one are the songs that you personally want to hear played. The second group is mellow songs that you want your guests to hear.

The songs that you want to hear played should be listed as either Dinner Hour song selections with a few slow dance songs added to the open dancing portion of your wedding celebration. Those songs that you are ok with not hearing can be used during the prelude if you desire.

What song types are great for my Cocktail Hour Hagerstown Wedding DJ playlist?

Cocktail hour is another section of your wedding that you will likely not hear much of the music played by your Hagerstown DJ Service.

This portion of the event lasts about an hour and you can plan on about 15 – 20 songs to be played. When the music is left up to us to select we typically do a mix of genres such as: Motown, 80’s, 90’s, Top 40, and sometimes country. We don’t feel that the genre is nearly as important as the tempo. We want an up-tempo song that put the guests in a good mood and makes them bee bop a bit.

What song types are great for my Dinner Hour Hagerstown Wedding DJ playlist?

Start with any mellow songs that you wanted to hear that you left off of the Prelude music list. From there you can go any direction that you would like. You can keep it up-tempo like the cocktail hour. You can keep the music mellow for the entire hour. You can also choose to do what we do when the decision is left to us. What we like to do during the dinner hour is to start mellow as guests are eating and thing bring the mood up as guests are finishing and the conversations get louder.

In my opinion this is a bit of a subtle reminder that the calm is about to be over and the dance storm is about to begin. For the folks that are there to party it gets them anxious for the dance floor to open.

What song types are great for my Hagerstown Wedding DJ dance playlist?

Again, there are no rules. This is your party. You will know your guests at your Hagerstown Wedding Reception far better than your DJ will. That said, you should follow a few tried and true methods if you want a raging dance party!

1. Play the Hits

No matter how you slice it, there are certain songs people just want to hear. Play the hits!

That’s the reason people hear the same songs over and over again at weddings and corporate events- it’s because they work! They accomplish the task of packing out the dance floor and keeping it there. Songs like Billie Jean and Shout or Yeah! By Usher are some examples of familiar songs that many guests look forward to dancing to.

People aren’t interested in you playing your curated list of ‘Top 30 indie songs of the last 10 years on independent labels’. They don’t want to hear your exclusive recording of an acoustic Shins song. They want Motown, Top 40, 90’s pop, etc.

2. Keep it 90% fast songs, 10% slow songs

A good wedding reception playlist will have high moments and low moments- fast songs and slow songs. You want to allow guests’ time for people to dance close. Allow them the opportunity to slow dance, and even opportunities for people to go get a drink so they can enjoy the dance floor even more.

If I had to give you a ratio, I would advise playing about 90% upbeat/dance songs against 10% slow jams. Or maybe every 10-12 songs, throw in a slower one. People want them… just not as much as the fast ones!

3. Don’t try to pick every song

If you have chosen a great Hagerstown DJ Service they know what will and won’t work. You definitely want to put your stamp on the music by including songs you love to dance to but you want to allow the DJ to create based on your guests and what they are reacting to.

Every crowd has similarities and every crowd is also different. When dealing with people you can never be certain what the reaction will be to a certain song. Sometimes you can open with a song and there is a mad rush to the dance floor. The next time you decide to open with that song it may receive a lukewarm response. Allow your Hagerstown DJ the time to feel out your crowd to get the best result.

4. Do let you Hagerstown DJ Service know if there are songs or genres that you hate

Everyone has music they don’t care for. This is your day and you should not have to endure music that you don’t care for. So, make sure to let you Hagerstown DJ Company know any songs you’d prefer not to hear.

5. Don’t let the guests attending your Hagerstown Wedding DJ the wedding.

A lot of people think that they can DJ. They think it is as simple as selecting a song and hitting the play button. That is akin to me thinking that I can be a photographer because all they appear to do is point the camera and press a button. There are a lot of jobs out there that look simple. If I had a dollar for every time I have been told “If you play this song next you’ll really pack the dance floor.”

I am happy to take requests and as always, this is your Hagerstown Wedding, not mine. My suggestion is to allow your guests to make requests however, do not announce that you are taking requests. I also strongly suggest that you leave it up to the DJ’s discretion to play or not play that song request.

If left to us to make the decision we will take the request and if we feel that it will work we will play it. The earlier the request is made the more likely it is that we will work the song into our DJ set. As the end of the wedding reception grows nearer, the likelihood that we will play a request lessens.

I hope that you have enjoyed this article. If you have please share so that others may benefit as well. Our blog is dedicated to providing useful information and tips for anyone planning or thinking about planning an event.

At Perfect Harmony Entertainment we provide exceptional DJ | Photo Booth | Lighting | Amusement service to clients in the four state area. Our dedicated team of DJs perform at events in Harrisburg | York | Lancaster as well as Washington DC | Northern VA | Frederick MD and all neighboring areas.

If you would like to learn more about our services or discuss your event in greater detail please reach out to us in the manner you prefer: Call | Text | Email.

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