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Plan the BEST Lancaster Wedding Reception Using These Secrets

Your Harrisburg | Lancaster wedding reception should mirror your personality and style, but more than anything, it should be fun and entertaining. It should be the type of event that everyone who attended is glad that they didn’t miss – and the kind that generates smile-inducing memories every time people remember it.

So how do you do that? How do you plan the best wedding reception Lancaster PA has ever seen? How do you create such an awesome event that your guests hate to see it end? We have some “secrets” for you – so read on and find out more.

Make your Lancaster PA wedding ceremony your own.

You are unique and so is your love story. Those you have chosen to share this beautiful Lancaster PA wedding day with you love your uniqueness. While you share an incredible bond with everyone you’ve invited, some you have stayed more closely connected with in recent years. College, work, and life can all impact our ability to see loved ones as often as we would like.

You are together now so take advantage of it. Tell them a little bit about your love story and how you met on your wedding program. Instead of traditional wedding vows write your own and practice them so that when the moment comes to repeat them you don’t need to read them word for word. These are a couple of easy ways to keep your guests entertained and differentiate your ceremony from the others that they have attended.

The music is another way to make your Central PA wedding ceremony unique and interesting. I think many couples choose music for the wedding ceremony because that is “what we are supposed to do” more so than that is the type of music that they connect with. I am not suggesting that you crank Metallica’s “Enter the Sandman” during the prelude but when it comes to the Recessional and you’ve said “I do” to the love of your life the choice is yours. Not only will the guests who know you best think to themselves “Yep, that song is them!” They will appreciate the surprise.

Spice up that Harrisburg PA Cocktail hour!

If you’ve followed our blog you know that we offer a lot of tips for planning, saving money, and a host of other topics for Lancaster wedding and corporate events. One tip mentioned elsewhere I will repeat here: add a live acoustic duo to your cocktail hour!

This is definitely a twist that many of your guests will not have experienced at any wedding! Watching a talented musician perform is very engaging. Why wouldn’t it be? How many people haven’t imagined being able to entertain?

Add Phototainment!

Photo booth technology has come a long way in the last decade! No longer does your Harrisburg photo booth have to be stationary with guests coming to the booth. With the new “Roamer Style” booth you can now get professional quality images by taking the photo booth to your guests! Add our all new booth and our attendant can mingle with guests during cocktail hour and capture fantastic shots.

Think about it, while your photographer is capturing shots of you and the bridal party, you can be getting professional quality spontaneous shots of all of those who have come to celebrate this day with you!

With today’s technology you no longer have to wait to view and share these fun shots! Add our 55” TV screen and during dinner hour you can enjoy a Instagram Live #hashtag party as all of the images captured are streamed during dinner and throughout the event.

Later the photo booth converts to a regular style booth and you will capture more images of your guests using our professional quality prop selection and your custom photo strip.

You can’t get much cooler than that!

Enter to a spot light and then dance on a cloud!

This is your day and you shouldn’t be afraid to let your guests see you take the spot light. Everyone you have invited has come because they are happy for you and enjoy seeing you happy. A spot lighted entrance and | or a dance on the clouds can be done with class and elegance not cheesy. These are two great ways to make your Lancaster wedding unique and personal.

If you feel uncomfortable being the center of attention, you can literally share the spot light with your bridal party. Think about how cool they will feel making a spot lighted entrance. What a cool way to say “thank you” to those closest to you and who have done much to make this event possible!

Dancing under the stars!

This option can be in addition to or instead of the Dancing on a cloud. This creates a jaw dropping lighting effect that transforms the ceiling of the venue to a night time sky with seemingly a million stars in the sky!

This is another shareable option! Imagine your us opening your dance floor with Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect” or Elvis’s “Can’t Help Falling In Love”. The lights go down and they are dancing with the one that they love under a starlit sky. They will never forget that moment!

Another way that this effect can be used if you would like to space it out is to use it for your first dance and then use it again when all married couples are called to the dance floor for and Anniversary Dance. How classy is that and you can be sure that no one you’ve invited has seen that before!

These are a few ways to make your Lancaster Wedding or corporate event unique and memorable. If you select us to provide entertainment for your wedding or holiday party we have many more! We provide DJ | Photo Booth | Lighting Services in Lancaster | Harrisburg | York as well as to clients in Frederick MD | Leesburg VA | Washington DC.

I hope you have enjoyed this article. If you have I hope you’ll share it with others who might find it useful. If you have suggestions for other topics you’d like to learn more about please comment below.

The Goldfish Barn | Cheryl + Bradley

The Donnelly’s shared their wedding ceremony with friends and family at the fabulous The Goldfish Barn. Located in Franklin County PA, The Goldfish Barn has become an extremely popular wedding destination for couples seeking a barn venue in Central PA. The owners are incredible event hosts and offer an amazing value for couples and companies alike!

Capturing all of the amazing moments on video was Chris of Christopher Lee Films. All of the still images were captured by the uber talented Amanda Souders Photography team.

The Goldfish Barn

The outdoor ceremony took place on the lower level patio with Cheryl’s uncle serving as the officiant. The bride walked down the aisle to a unique selection “I Wanna Grow Old with You” by Westlife and was featured in the movie “Up”. The lyrics are perfect for such an occasion and I would suggest that brides to be give this tune a listen if you’re looking for a unique song to add to your playlist.

We have been to The Goldfish Barn for numerous events but never has the venue looked this gorgeous! Matt and Mandy Stahl of Peachy Keen Rentals and Design did an amazing job taking this terrific venue to an entirely new level in terms of beauty and guest comfort!

The Goldfish Barn

The Peachy Keen team provides not only unique one of kind items to create the vibe for your celebration. They also provide a large variety of planning services. Maddy was the coordinator for this event and was really a joy to team up with. I highly recommend this husband and wife team to make your vision a reality.

This wedding reception was filled with fantastic moments! Opting to add our photo booth, the guests stayed entertained the entire night. When the props made it to the dance floor during a “Conga Line” it made for an incredible moment that friends and family will never forget!

The Goldfish Barn
The Goldfish Barn
The Goldfish Barn
The Goldfish Barn
If you are looking for a DJ who treats his brides like they are family then you’ve found the right one! John could not have done more for my wedding if he tried. He was the silent backbone of the day and my wedding would have fallen apart if it wasn’t for him and his family.

John helping the bride fix her “toss bouquet” at the last minute so she could do her unique bouquet toss.
John offering to get the bride and groom their drink at dinner because he could tell they were getting overwhelmed.
In my wedding recap video you can see all of the fun that we had with John and his team. What you don’t see the calming personality that John was able to bring to my crazy wedding day! He was able to calm me down more than once.
John helping the bride fix her “toss bouquet” at the last minute so she could do her unique bouquet toss.
John offering to get the bride and groom their drink at dinner because he could tell they were getting overwhelmed.

My wedding package included a photo booth completed with props and custom photo strips that were printed instantly for my guest to take home as wedding favors! Since my wedding that is all everyone talks about!

John was a complete professional who was able to react to the ever changing mind of the modern bride. I threw many curve balls his direction that night and man did he hit everyone out of the park!

If you are looking for a DJ that has your back and is committed to making your day the best day ever. I HIGHLY recommend Perfect Harmony Entertainment!

He did an amazing job!

If I could I would give Perfect Harmony Entertainment 10000000000000 stars ⭐️

You will not be disappointed if you book with them.
Cheryl D.
— Facebook Reviews
The Goldfish Barn

Music serves as the driving force behind an unforgettable wedding experience! Perfect Harmony Entertainment is dedicated to providing our couples and clients with exemplary service to help them create fantastic events!

The Goldfish Barn
The Goldfish Barn

If you are planning a wedding or corporate event in our service area we would love the opportunity to learn more about your plans. Our DJs routinely travel to all areas within a 90 minute drive from Chambersburg PA.

This convenient location permits us to offer wedding DJ | Photo Booth | Event Lighting services to clients from Washington DC to Frederick MD, as well as wedding DJs for couples celebrating in Lancaster and Harrisburg PA.

Our demand is as large as our service area! If you would like to check our availability for your date or chat about your event click the link below or simply send us a text. 

The Goldfish Barn

Pick A Theme!

5 Tips To Make Your Frederick Photo Booth Experience Unique?

Photo booths are a popular way of entertaining your guests at nearly any type of event. In fact, our photo booth is the most popular add on to our DJ Service and is often booked as a stand alone service.

All of that makes complete sense. Not only do we live in the selfie age, photo booths are a lot of fun and very versatile. The modern day photo booth is not the eyesore that the old clunky box style behemoths from the arcade era. The new sleek designs allow them to fit into the décor not only of casual events, but formal events as well.

Adding a photo booth is really a no brainer in terms of the value offered. While some folks may only leave the dance floor to get a drink, there are others in the audience that simply are not going to spend their evening on the dance floor no matter what music is played. Rather than those guests leaving the minute dessert is served, a photo booth is an expensive way to engage those guests and keep them entertained.

Once you have made the decision to add a photo booth to your celebration, you may be looking for a way to make the experience unique or to show your personality. To help you with this and get you inspired, we are offering a few suggestions.

Sign Props:

Wedding DJ Services in Fredrick MD

People love memes! Sign props are a way to create a photo meme. Hashtag signs, funny messages, inside jokes, the options are limitless. Let your sense of humor and imagination run wild with the possibilities!

Are you a Harry Potter fan?

Share this passion at your party by providing guests with fun Harry Potter style props to use for the photo booth. Harry Potter, Disney, Game of Thrones; all have a huge fan base and you can be sure that there will be fans at your celebration.

Bygone Eras:

Most of are nostalgic about our childhood. The big hair, big glasses, funk style of the 70’s. The neon colors and rubiks cube 80’s. Simply by keeping the age group of your guests in mind, you can curate a prop collection that they will absolutely love!

Party Themes:

Whether it is the “roaring twenties” or the “sock-hop fifties”, incorporate the theme of your party into the photo booth. Gangster hats, wads of cash, long silk gloves and cigarette holders will ensure your guests look the part in every shot.

Wedding DJ Services in Lancaster PA

Photo Strips and Photos:

Both of these can be tailored to fit you theme. The style, design, and colors of the strips can all be custom and tie in with your theme. Additionally if your theme is a 20’s – 40’s era consider shooting at least part of the event in black and white and not color.

While adding a photo booth to our DJ Service for your Frederick wedding, party or corporate event will instantly make the event better. With a little bit of thought and creativity you can make it both memorable and unique.

Thank you for reading our blog. If you have enjoyed this article I hope that you will comment and share. If there are other event topics you would like covered please comment with those ideas. While Perfect

Harmony Entertainment is first and foremost a DJ | Photo Booth | Event Lighting service provider, the goal of this blog is to share information and tips to help people create fantastic events.

Based in Chambersburg PA, our DJ team provides DJ Services to not only Central PA cities such as Hershey, Lancaster, and York but also to Northern VA towns such as Leesburg, Purcellvillle, Dulles, and Washington DC.