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How Saving a Few Bucks on your Harrisburg Wedding Could Cost you Big Time!

For those who’ve followed our blog posts first of all, thank you! You are also not surprised to know that this blog post will have nothing to do with our DJ Service. For those of you whom have never read our blog posts, welcome and I hope that this is not the last.

As a little bit of background we are a DJ Service provider that offers five star rated service to couples in the Central PA areas of York | Harrisburg | Lancaster as well as Western MD | Northern VA areas such as Frederick MD | Fairfax VA | Winchester VA.

While our chosen field is in the DJ entertainment sector, events and people are our passion. We are grateful that we are invited by couples to celebrate some of the biggest and most memorable moments of their lives! Our mission is to share our knowledge and give our advice on how to get the most from their day and their wedding budget. We hope that our blog posts do that and they are not meant to be self-serving pieces of fluff material.


Weddings are expensive!

That statement is true no matter where your wedding is taking place. Whether your venue is the Cork Factory in Lancaster PA, the Goldfish Barn in Fort Loudon PA, or in the hall of the Chambersburg American Legion; a wedding is a pricey affair. This is not only due to the cost of feeding 120 or so guest; you may have done that before. What you likely haven’t done before is dress the party place up with décor. Ordered a special dessert to be highlighted and served to your guests. Rented or purchased special clothing to wear for the event. Or, have hired talented professionals to document every element of the day.

It is that latter element I plan to speak about in more depth in this blog post: the photographers and becoming more and more common the videographer.

If we cut an hour we save some cash!

The specifics mentioned here are from one recent wedding that we were recently a part of. This end result though could be from any number of weddings because this appears to be a growing trend among brides and grooms and personally I think it is mistake. I think that if they took time to think about it later it would likely be one of the things they would do differently if they could.

This particular wedding had the traditional elements that most weddings do. They had an outdoor ceremony that had a one hour block of time allocated. There was one hour set aside for both the cocktail hour and the dinner hour. Unlike most weddings where the timeline can push a little bit, the event stayed on track with only the Toasts being delayed by fifteen minutes by food service being a tad slower than planned.

Upon completion of the toasts were the two parents dances and then the dance floor would open for a short segment. At the end of that segment was the Anniversary Dance which was immediately followed by the cake cutting ceremony. The cake cutting ceremony was the last of the scripted events on the schedule and this was completed at about 8:30 pm with the reception ending at 10:30 pm.

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The photographer and the videographer were schedule to leave at either 9:00 pm or 9:30 pm which is again, becoming more and more common as couples look to stretch their wedding budget and perhaps look to use the dollars saved to purchase other items or services for the enjoyment of their guests. When you consider that the photographer was on hand to document this celebration from the hours of 1:30 pm – 9:30 pm you may say to yourself “What a great way to save a few dollars!” after all, weddings aren’t cheap.

A great story cut short.

I have no doubt that given the highest standards that this photo | video team has, the highlight video will be absolutely amazing! I am sure that the newlyweds will be presented with so many stunning images of their incredible celebration that it will be a huge challenge for them to settle on which ones to choose.

I also have no doubt that if they take the time to think about the celebration that they had, they will view all of the photos that they have and sense that something is missing. Where are those images of the memories they have that are so real?

Where are the pictures of mom dressed to the nines with her daughter in her gorgeous wedding gown, both smiling ear to ear, dancing to the special music chosen specifically for mom?

Where is the video of the college friends and former roommates singing to an impromptu song dedication by the groom?

Where are the images of the dance off that took place with the newlyweds eventually taking their rightful place in the center of the circle as their guests expressions showed how happy they were for the two of them?

Where is the video from the end of the night? When the DJ played those two special songs which then turned into three that we picked for just this moment. When the only people left were those who we closest to us and we laughed and sang and celebrated our love, our friendship, and our gratitude that they are a part of our lives and we are a part of theirs. Where is that in the video?

Sadly, those moments were not captured unless it was by a guests using his/her cell phone. The memories will exist for sure but if a verbal description was all that you desired lets face it, you would not have hired a professional photographer in the first place.

Is telling your entire love story worth it?

I am a pretty frugal person. As a father to four children I have had to be. I am always careful to try and get the most value from my money. Had my wife and I had the same options when we planned our wedding I am certain that had I made the final decision, I likely would have justified cutting an hour of service where I could by saying to myself, “What difference does it really make if the photographer is there for only 8 of the 9 hours? All of the “events” we planned like the cake cutting are over.” I may not have had an answer for the younger me who made that statement but the older me does.

It is because many of the best moments of our lives are unscripted.